Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Star Has Died.

Yes, I love critters. Too often they are far more civilized than the people I know. It's with a sense of sadness that I report on the death of Moose.

Dogs don’t have an agenda other than survival, food and getting a little attention. Here is my best K-9 friend Gypsy.

A while back I had the good fortune to be personally invited by TV superstar, Kelsey Grammer to attend the last taping of Fraiser for the third season and the Mother Of All Parties, the Wrap Party at Paramount Pictures.

One of the heavyweight stars of the show was Moose who played Eddie. Moose was the delightful little Jack Russell terrier that was as proud of his job as any of the two-legged actors on the show. He was focused and rarely failed to deliver his warmth and great gags.

During the Wrap Party tape from out takes of the season were shown and Moose got more than his share of laughs. Kelsey’s interactions with Moose were a joy to watch. Make no mistake they were a comedy team. Kelsey is a real dog lover. Reading Kelsey’s autobiography, So Far you can imagine the heartbreak when his dog Goose disappeared under the care of a former girlfriend.

As for Moose, he's imortal thanks to lots of DVD sets and TV reruns. He will be making people laugh for a really long time.

Moose’s obituary can be found here.

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leomemorial said...

In Nov 2004, I had to put my Shih Tzu, Lucky, asleep @ 14yrs of age due to renal failure. Espresso was just a kitty and loved him.

Boy... Luck was my little man...