Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Profile In Courage

LAPD officer, Kristina Rapatti’s story is one of heroism and heartbreak. This young role model is rebuilding her life after being shot by a career predator the Liberal California criminal justice system refused to keep off the streets despite a 33-page rap sheet.

Officer Ripatti, and her family have been forced to cope with her paralysis for nearly a month. Today she struggles to move from her bed to her new wheelchair. Just a month ago Rippatti was an athlete and runner who could leap tall buildings.

Last night KNBC-TV took viewers into Rippatti’s life as it is today. It’s hard for anyone to watch without tearing up.

God bless Kristina Ripatti and please get her back on her feet.

KNBC-TV story with latest video is here.

Please send love and money here:
Officer Kristina Ripatti
C/O Los Angeles Police Department
Southwest Police Station
1546 West Martin Luther King Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90062

Police Officer Kristina Ripatti Trustee Donation Account
C/O Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
16150 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91410


Anonymous said...

She could very well be the first female hero I've ever had!

leomemorial said...