Saturday, June 17, 2006

Seatbelt And Helmet Laws In America

Please, enough jokes about Darwin.

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger suffered head injuries and survived. He since vowed to never ride again without a helmet.

My close friend, former TV news reporter turned actor, Rich Skidmore just took an unexpected trip to Pittsburgh because his brother Gary is now in a coma after a motorcycle mishap with both a deer and an oncoming car. Gary Skidmore was not wearing a helmet. In addition Gary suffered other serious injuries.

The huge and well-financed insurance lobby has demanded and gotten mandatory seat belt and helmet laws passed nearly everywhere. Laws demanded and passed to save lives, or boost insurance company profits? I think we all know what’s more important and it’s not life.

I’m a huge fan of seatbelts and helmets along with other protective gear. I’m a bigger fan of Liberty and keeping government out of my life. We don’t need laws to ratify Darwin’s theory of evolution. We need everyone to respect him or herself and their loved ones enough to buckle up or wear a helmet. Please be safe…

A sad update:
Rich Sidmore informed me that his 51 year-old brother Gary was pulled from life support and passed away. Rest in peace, Gary...


ewink said...


What's next? Rails along our beds to stop people from falling out and being injured?

Anonymous said...

You sir are 1000% correct. I NEVER go without a seatbelt on when I'm driving but that should be MY decision, not the goverments. Here in Chicago we are now doing what are called seatbelt enforcement missions. We setup on a corner at a traffic light and when people stop for that light we check to see if they are wearing a seatbelt. If not, it's a ticket. It's done under the guise of trying to catch gangbangers with a gun or a warrant but we all know that it's nothing more than a revenue generating effort. It's a COMPLETE embarrASSment to the rank and file who are forced to do it but when you are ordered to do so, you must follow orders. The job has changed since you left. Thank the Lord that you did leave. For your sake, not ours BTW. Hopefully, I will be able to do the same soon.

Anonymous said...

Paul, checkout the story in todays Sun Times about the Police Captain that chased down a murder suspect while offduty. I think you will like it. "Never bring a knife to a gunfight". It's a classic and will be in my book.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I saw that too! I thought all Chicago police captains forgot how to do police work! That was a good job!

He need to see that knife vs, Gun video I posted. It can be found in the right side bar. We need to be more respectful about kinves!

Anonymous said...

If you get injured, brain damaged or disabled, because you did not wear a seatbelt, or motorcycle helmet, that's contributory negligence.

Don't want to use protection, fine, we need all the organ donors we can get.

Just don't ask me to pay for it in higher insurance bills and Social Security payments.