Thursday, June 01, 2006

TSA Silliness Delays Yet Another Flight

Chicago--Today a federal air marshal dropped a loaded handgun magazine on a Southwest Airlines flifgt to Kansas City from Midway airport just before the scheduled takeoff. A few rounds of ammunition scattered. The marshal quickly picked up the lose bullets and left the plane. Sounds simple, right? It might be with every other police agency, but never with the TSA!

The marshal chose to leave the plane because his “deep cover” was blown by the incident. The plane was delayed for nearly an hour as the great minds at the TSA pondered just how they should respond to this crisis.

This was a non-event! However, when it comes to the TSA anything and everything be must turned into a giant clusterphuck. People have to be inconvenienced, aggravated and made miserable in order to satisfy the patronage hacks who run the TSA.

The Chicago Tribune covered this story so you can expect to read about it in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing the TSA does well is waste money and aggravate everyone.