Monday, June 05, 2006

Officer Shot By Career Criminal Gunman Is In Stable But Serious Condition.

She’s a wife and mother who is struggling to survive this morning in a local hospital. Her copper husband, Tim Pearce is somehow coping with the aftermath caused by the bleeding hearts that run California’s criminal justice system.

The now dead armed robber, James Fenton McNeal, 52 who shot officer Kristina Ripatti twice, had served multiple prison terms for crimes that included robbery and murder. We must ask ourselves why do we keep electing politicians who insist on the failed policies of letting repeat offenders roam our streets while insisting we be saddled with insane gun laws that only restrict the rights of the law-abiding?

California’s draconian gun laws are enforceable only on the law abiding and never prevent thugs like McNeal from obtaining and criminally using their guns. McNeal is yet another poster boy that proves gun laws just don’t work. It’s long past the time for reform of California’s gun laws to return to the law-abiding their right to carry concealed weapons for self-protection.

We can only hope our hero officer, Kristine Ripatti and her family can somehow quickly heal from this horrible ordeal both physically and emotionally. Officer Rippatti deserves all of our gratitude for having that special courage to confront and deal with a desperate armed robber.

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Anonymous said...

A speedy recovery to Officer Rippatti!!!

Anonymous said...

After working in prison system for 4 years, California liberals wants this to be a make me feel good state. Inmates in the California prison system have more rights then the officers who watches them. We had one LT. say we should treat them like family members. So, that is why they keep coming back to prison, prison is a hotel stop for them. There's no incentive for them to stop coming back.

Nite Nurse said...

Kristina and Family, I was watching tv today and stumbled across Extreme makeovers home edition which aired your family's new home. Although I have watched many episodes of EMHE I must admit that this episode really jerked at my heart and left me compelled to locating you on line and leaving a message. Kristina, I dont know how it feels to be in your shoes right now but as a Rehabilitation Nurse I have worked with so many people who have had spinal cord injuries and i must say that I have found that the key to any recovery, including yours is a positive attitude and the support of a strong family in which both of the keys you possess. I know in my heart you will walk again if you aren't already. Recovery takes time and sometimes longer than we as humans may want to endure but Kristina I know you will make it through. You really touch my heart and I must admit I cried through the entire episode but not out of sorrow. I cried because I want so much for you and your family have you whole, complete, and back on that surf board as well as being able to do all the things your heart desires. I am keeping you all in my prayers and wishing you the best in everything from the absolute bottom of my heart. And before I forget....To your husband, you are awesome and I truly beleive that you and Kristina are meant to be. I also believe that God put you in Kristina's life for a reason and during such a trying time you have showed us all what a real man is capable of and more so a role model for husbands and fathers alike. Again I am keeping you all in my heart and Kristina, continue to stay strong,and when you take those steps just know that you have a friend here in Virginia cheering you on. From my heart to yours, Chalanda Billups ( Feel free to keep me posted on your recovery and if you just want a friend to talk to I am always here.:)