Thursday, June 29, 2006

Beer Looter Dude is not so funny now!

“Lootie” or “Beer Looter Dude” became an icon of Hurricane Katrina and popular character to manipulate with the Photoshop computer program. He’s even in a beer commercial with the lovely Jennifer Aniston that you can see here.

After convicting three looters of stealing beer and other liquor from a Kenner LA grocery store in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath a judge handed down maximum 15-year prison sentences. Now it’s not so funny.

Here’s what CNN published about this case.


Anne said...

Fifteen years for thieving? That's ridiculous. No wonder our prisons are overflowing - yet violent offenders walk the streets.

Anonymous said...

Now I can sell T-shirts and bumper stickers!


Anonymous said...

Bitches threw my ass in jail! Damn! See me on myspace:

Unknown said...

Now that it is almost 15 years since Hurricane Katrina, the world should know that the person "Lootie" was the subject of racist, homophobic and evil attacks by America's crazy right. The world should know that since Hurricane Katrina and the offensive, racist and hateful pictures of "Lootie Looter" have abated, The world should know that person was born Henry Oje Anthony, 05/23/61 in New Orleans, LA. He was a sous chef, dancer, drag queen and my husband from 2006 to his death 08-24-17 from liver cancer. He was a sweet, kind and loving person, father of 2. I'm on left; he's on right.