Sunday, May 06, 2012

The TSA Monster is Spinning out of Control!

Washington, DC—The TSA is a rogue patronage agency set up to pretend the government is protecting Americans by stealing their liberty, privacy and dignity.  They hired the unwashed, dull-witted otherwise unemployable to enforce a zero-tolerance policy that has bankrupted nearly every airline and many tourist related businesses.
In our post 9/11 world despite billions spent on the TSA they have yet to derail a single terrorist event.  Ordinary American plane passengers have learned how to protect themselves stopping a handful of minor incidents.
The TSA loves to brag about the number of pocketknives and a few guns uncovered in carry on bags by forgetful passengers.  There has not been one instance where they can claim they uncovered a weapon destined for a crime.  The forgetful passengers are mercilessly punished for their failure to remember because of insane zero tolerance policies.
As Americans line up like frightened sheep most dread the thought of these creepy people handling their personal belongings.  The TSA screener’s proclivities to steal from, humiliate and dominate passengers are beyond horrible.
Considering we once had a Fourth Amendment to preclude exactly what the TSA is doing this is total government tyranny.   We’ve allowed these creeps to grope our children’s genitals and ours.  At what point do we say enough and begin fighting back?
The TSA is growing like a deadly cancer on every form of transportation including our highways.  They’ve surfaced at sporting events and will be coming soon to your summer family picnic like skunks.  
We have to begin by telling our politicians what we want instead of allowing them to dictate the destruction of our Bill of Rights.  Are Americans too cowardly to speak up for themselves? Have we arrived to the point of letting these soulless jerks put their hands in our pants?
We must begin by honoring the millions buried in veteran’s cemeteries that gave their lives so we would not have Nazi style checkpoints and a police state.  If we don’t resist now our liberty is doomed.


Frank said...

Kind of just makes you want to throw someone out the window and say they tried to escape. How did your libertarian leanings go when working for the police department especially with what was considered acceptable back in the day? What are your thoughts on the Linda Shelton situation?

Anonymous said...

US Senator Rand Paul is truing tho disband the TSA. Ron Paul won the state of Maine and Nevada, he will take a few more before it's over. This gives him center stage at the RNC and a possible ticket spot.