Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is it Finally the Beginning of the End of the Obama Nightmare?

Los Angeles, CA—Was this the real revelation Andrew Breitbart was planning to make that he knew would bring down Barack Obama?   Was Breitbart murdered to bring about his silence?

There are still so many questions that need answers.   Things are just not making sense and usually when I find myself confused during an investigation, major things will be discovered.   Frankly the incredible timing of Breitbart’s death and the huge financial stake of Obama’s political campaign places murder right at the top of my list.
Have the people around Breitbart been terrorized into silence?  We’ve heard nothing from his grieving family and precious little from his business associates. 
Obama has spent well over a $1 million in legal fees to avoid producing simple documents like a certified copy of a birth certificate, passport and student loan records.  People only do this kind of concealment to protect dark secrets from surfacing.
So far the courts have gone out of their way to protect Obama’s records from any public scrutiny.  The mainstream media including Fox News has given Obama a pass on this question. 
Despite clear and convincing evidence gathered by investigators and expert’s the allegations of document forgery have been awash with scorn from mainstream media political hacks.
Obama must be a Natural Born American Citizen to hold the nation’s highest office.  If he was not qualified every act, every piece of presidential activity is invalid.  He placed the nation in a constitutional crisis.  This may well have been a crime too.  Forgery and fraud has certainly occurred. 
There is far too mush evidence and efforts to conceal the facts to allow this charade to continue another minute.   It’s time for subpoenas, depositions and the production of records in the matter of Barack Obama’s qualification to be President.
All those responsible for the fraud should be arrested and prosecuted.  This is no small scandal. 
Read the about vetting material used for Obama’s first book in 


Anonymous said...

How did Barry get into Pakistan in 1985?? The Pakis closed their borders to Americans during this time frame.What type of passport was he using???

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the media all over this? Unreal!