Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chicago Riot Control Has Always Been Ineffective and Costly.

Take the fight out of Chicago's rioters with some plain water
Chicago, IL—Today I watched some interesting video that I suspect has or will lead to excessive Injury On Duty Injury reports for Windy City’s finest.  I also expect a rush to medical providers and civil lawyers by those who made the mistake of assaulting Chicago cops.
When I was living in Germany 1968-1970, I watched the, Frankfurt Stadt Polizei deal with their hippies and troublemakers.  The cops in Frankfurt always made short work of crowd control with minimal injuries to all.   Was it magic?  Brutality? No!  It was just plain water.
All over Europe they use vehicle mounted, water cannons to quell disturbances.  They soak the troublemakers, who soon get very uncomfortable and very cold.  Police can identify the problem people because they are all wet and shivering.   They only want to go home after a good soaking.  For many of them this is the only time they bathe.
The water cannon can be a little overpowering but those who do not follow lawful orders to disperse can simply be hosed down on the gentle cycle.  Who wants to fight when they are all wet?  A side benefit is that the water will short out electronic detonators and wreck ignition sources for Molotov cocktails for the really evil ones.  Perhaps a few ruined cell phones will make communication more difficult for those riot organizers.
I noticed that Chicago's troublemakers were carrying cameras of all kinds.  The water cannons would really make such photography a meaningful challenge.
The water cannon will also spare cops from unwarranted discipline hearings and indictments bases on bogus allegations.  The Medical rolls will have fewer personnel to deal with and the city’s liability would be greatly reduced.
I hope this post inspires Chicago’s politicians and bureaucrats to find a more effective and humane way for cops to protect themselves than wooden batons and stun guns alone.  Imagine how a water soaked troublemaker would dance after being hit with a Tazer Stun gun?



Anonymous said...


We are sorry that we were not allowed to join you guys downtown.

We have an absolute pussy for a Sheriff that couldn't make a decision, a correct decision if his life depended on it. However, I am told he was on 60 minutes talking about how he saved some dead people.

The rank and file patrolman in our department just can not stand this guy. We, along with our Sgts, Lts and exempts at Maywood are all in agreement on this. CPD morale on their worst day could not equal the morale at our HQ tonight. The fact that Milwaukee PD, ILEAS, the State Police and even the Secret Service all put in work while we were held hostage in Maywood is appalling at every level.

I pray to god that each and every law enforcement officer that is eligible to vote for our next sheriff remembers this day and when it is time to elect another sheriff that they vote Tom Dart out of office. I remember when Cathy Touhy was injured and CPD gave that POS judge who let the offender walk a shellac job at the polls. We need to do this again, except to Dart.

I am aware that you feel that all professional courtesy should be revoked for Cook County. I do not blame you. However, if you will look at the bigger picture and the painfully evident lack of LEADERSHIP being forced upon us, perhaps you will reconsider.

Battlefield USA said...

While I don't subscribe to all of the OWS mantra, the real troublemakers were in the NATO meeting. They have an almost brand new shiny NATO headquarters in Brussels. That is where they should have had the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Dart is just another political parasite, a Man with a Paper Ass, as my Dad would have called him. He is no Cop, no Sheriff, NO Law Enforcement Officer. He is a weasel DEMOCRAT Politician. He was voted into office by the Lemming Crook County Voters, who are some of the strangest people you will ever meet, outside of San Francisco-Berkley, California. All we can do is try to get it thru ALL their thick as concrete skulls, to Vote tese parasites out of Office. Otherwise, the only other option is relocating to a part of the Country that has sensible, reasonable, and logical, intelligent Conservative people occupying it. This is beyond reality, here in Crook County, where Politicians, Feds, and the Mob, ALL work together to line their pockets with the quisling Taxpayers dollars, unchecked. It is truely unbelievable here. Soon the entire Country will be run by Chicago-Style Thug Politicians, unless people everywhere wake up immediately.