Monday, May 14, 2012

California’s Massive Financial Crisis, Suicide by Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown D-CA
Los Angeles, CA—Governor Jerry Brown passed the bad news along that the spendaholics in the General Assembly couldn’t break their old addictions.  They have quickly doubled the state debt to $16 Billion.  California can’t pay its bills.
They think they can force a tax increase but the clowns can’t seem to understand that slows productivity and causes more taxpayers to flee the state. Tax increases will make the problem much worse.
California’s Liberals have gone out of their way to provide free medical care and education to all of Mexico and Central America trolling for a dependent population to keep their Socialist dream alive.  That alone can easily account for their deficit.
Now the pretend cuts are being made and the liberal judges have been ordering the state to fund programs unique to the once Golden State.  I guess California will have to counterfeit currency like the FED does or file bankruptcy.
California overregulates everything that it can.  They could lose half of the occupational licensing agencies and not miss a beat.   They could end their unlawful gun prohibition activities and save millions there too.
Imagine if California simply ended their participation in the Drug War how much could be saved there along with lives related to drug violence.
The death penalty in California has been quietly costing billions too.  The taxpayers must pick up the tab for both the prosecution and defense of cases that are mired in litigation for nearly four decades each!  It’s far cheaper to weld cell doors shut.
California’s cops don’t have time or manpower to chase criminals but they can shut children’s lemonade stands and arrest those teenaged Steven Spielbergs trying to learn how to make movies for film permit violations.
California will simply continue to spend hoping that the frugal states will be required to fund California’s foolishness. 
California’s politicians need to take an unpaid six-month furlough every year.  That would reduce spending for sure.  They all love to brag about how hard they work.  The harder they work the larger the deficit. 



Happy when it crumbles into the Pacific said...

Moonbeam Moonbeam he's our man if he can't fix it no one can. I guess taking care of Mexico ain't cheap is it. Note to Cali: stop by the Clooney sobama circle jerk dinner they have lots of money there.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what the real debt in Illinois is.

Anonymous said...

stop by the Clooney sobama circle jerk dinner they have lots of money there.

May 14, 2012 4:42 PM

only $40k a plate!!

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

Californians have realized that they can vote themselves to a helping of another persons hard work, and this is the payoff.

Anonymous said...

Brown is a lifelong Socialist Loon, as we all know, but he does fit right in in Kookifornia. Kookifornia is the most hated State in the United States, for good reason. Kookifornia will go down the tubes soon, and rightfully so. Maybe all those big Celebrities ou there can voluntarily donate much of their millions to bail it out. That would be the way to go, since they're so generous in demanding Taxpayers give up so much of their money to the Celebrity "Social Causes" it's now time for them to front up some coin, or the State of Kookifornia should tax them at a rate of 90% on every movie , personal appearence,or TV show they make. That would be great. Afterall, they should all be able to live on a million or so dollars a year right, if they expect us to live on only about 40% of our earnings, which are far less.