Sunday, May 06, 2012

I found a simple cure for GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease!

Los Angeles, CA—Many of us have had a disastrous attack of the embarrassing and obnoxious release of stomach acid during a meal.  Often we have had to get up and leave the diner table over this condition. 
The pharmaceutical companies will sell you some expensive snake oil for life to control the symptoms if this condition.  There is a surgical alternative too.  Save your money and misery because I figured out the cure.  Okay I was a medical corpsman in the Army a lifetime ago.
Here is the deal!  Your stomach is normally filled with acid to help digest the food you consume.  It’s volatile and if it expands upward past the esophageal sphincter you are placed in distress.  When consuming food the sphincter must open and the reaction between the food and the acid sometimes seems like a boiling volcano.  
Generally acid reflux sufferers swallow their dry food first then try to wash it down with drink.  That’s when the big trouble begins.  
My cure is so simple it will amaze you that the doctors have not figured it out by now.   The cure is plain old water!  Before you begin to eat that burger or whatever, drink a half glass of water.  What happens is the water enters you stomach and puts out the acid fire.  After you take that drink you can begin eating and the acid volcano will never start!  As you eat be sure to drink a little more as you enjoy your food.
I have also found that if I have soup before the main course there’s never an attack.
Try this yourself and pass it on to others including your physicians.   I hope I have done a small service for my readers and saved them some dough at the same time. 

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