Monday, June 06, 2011

Rich Color Has Finally Come to Handgun Grips

Carol Stream, IL—I recently suggested to my friend Raj Singh, President of Eagle Grips that he needs to shake up the gun world with some color. I had no clue what rich materials he’d find or just how fantastic they'd look.

The material is so incredible that photo images can’t seem to capture the true luster and beauty of the gem quality material that must be cut shaped and polished into the finished product.

Of course the traditional materials of rosewood, ebony wood, stagg, elk Mother of Pearl and ivory are still available but there is that special occasion handgun needs something different.

Visit Eagle Grips at and see the entire line.

American Handgunner Magazine editor Roy Huntington recently gave me his impression of the new material.

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Anonymous said...

Those will match my bowling ball.