Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Black on White Violence may be Good for Chicago

Chicago, IL—White folks on the Gold Coast have been smug for a long time as they supported the “Nanny” government programs and all that Liberal claptrap.

Black violence was nearly always confined to the ghetto. White people are beginning to learn about the violent and bankrupt African-American culture of Chicago the hard way.

The Black Flash Mob crime pattern is targeting Chicago’s White people in incredibly hateful new ways. These thugs easily overwhelm the outgunned, overworked, underpaid and totally demoralized police department and evade arrest by their sheer numbers.

Those ignorant White, Gold Coast Liberals that don’t believe in gun rights or self-defense are getting what they deserve, a very painful education. The cowardly thugs know the law-abiding Gold Coast dwellers would never violate those un-constitutional guns laws and accordingly are soft and easy targets.

They say a Conservative is a liberal that was mugged. There’s a lot of truth in that old saying.

The concealed weapon legislation would have gone a long way to deter the mobs of thugs attacking since sooner or later they could wind up very ventilated.

The police are incapable of ending these attacks. Most businesses on the Gold Coast will close shop and run before they’d hire armed security guards to protect their stores and paying customers.

I guess the White people of the Gold Coast would rather live in fear than support their right to protect themselves and families.

The only way to stop this Black on White crime wave is through serious armed resistance.

I support the carrying of firearms by the law-abiding but that needs to involve professional training. There is a lot to learn in addition to marksmanship and safety. There is the reality of the law and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.

Many conventioneers don’t like coming to Chicago since their home state concealed weapon permits are not honored here. Chicago is a good place to avoid.

It’s time to demand that Governor Pat Quinn side with the majority of Illinois’ lawmakers and sign concealed weapon legislation perhaps in a special session.


Anonymous said...

I agree. If you think Black on White violence is bad, how do you feel Black on Black violence feels? Quiet as it is kept by the media, many Blacks are in favor of conceal carry gun laws more than conservative Whites, but you'll never hear that on the evening news!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about 8:23? All we hear about everyday is black on black crime. Who the hell do you think filed the lawsuit against Chicago's handgun ban...a southside black man who was sick and tired of being burglarized. Thanks to him and well financed backers, the Chicago ban was found unconstitutional. Blacks need to take care of their shorties..they are ruining our city and the cities of the United States. It is pure savage behavior. These savage blacks are taking away the only white support they have had for years...the gold coast, lakefront, liberal. You want to see how blacks really feel about whites??? Take a look on Comcast Ch.19 (maybe only in the city). You can see all the black militant shows and listen to their live call in shows with their hatred of the white man. If you get a chance, watch the show Yah Is Real. You want to talk about a white hating, dumb ass shithead. This guys advocates killing "crackers" and "europeans" Wake up liberals..get your guns!!!

whale one said...

9:26 is right.... I was a(white) police officer in Cabrini-Green, Old Town, DePaul and the Gold Coast area's from 1973 to 1993 and let me tell you the people in those areas knew and felt the horror of what was going on during those times.... Hundreds of white and black folks in those areas were victims of the blacks from the projects and those who came from the south side.... There was and still is not much the "good" blacks and whites can do about the problem until the Police manpower and moral is brought up to par and then build more prisons and have judges put people away in stead of getting a slap on the hand.....