Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Will The TSA make Pilot James Langenhahn A Scapegoat?

US Airways pilot James Langenhahn’s gun went off as he was stowing it away. Placing the TSA mandated padlock through a hole in the holster against the trigger of a loaded gun was a deadly idea that the TSA ordered all FFDO pilots to do after entering and before leaving the cockpit. That action was the apparent cause of the pilot’s gun discharging.

Firearms trainers all over the country were shocked to find out about this very risky policy from my December revelations of the secret and unorthodox procedures created by the TSA. The fact that there are not similar accidents every day with this policy is a monument to the pilots who have volunteered for the training and duty.

Revealing classified information was the only way to expose the danger and force the TSA to eliminate the unnecessary and dangerous handling of the FFDO’s service weapons. With last weeks’ accidental discharge and exposure of the problem there’s a good chance the TSA will see the error of their way and retire those padlocks. Thankfully nobody was killed or injured.

I expect to see some quick Congressional action on this issue. I also expect to see the involved pilot cleared of negligence, returned to his job with an apology and any back pay in light of the failed TSA procedures.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up the pressure on the TSA...I think this time we'll get rid of the stupid padlocks.

Anonymous said...

From the day the TSA was created it was clear that the inmates were running the asylum there.

Anonymous said...

An FFDO got charged yesterday with "leaving a bag unattended at an airport". He forgot his NDB, with his duty weapon in it next to a computer terminal he had been using, because the TSA made him carry his gun in a bag (good thing it was locked with a giant padlock right?). Humans forget bags all the time...looks like TSA sub-humans never do :)

He now must travel out of state to face the charges. He's getting no help from the agency for which he volunteers!

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe if enough pressure and attention is given to the "padlock policy" somebody with half a brain with the feds will attempt to change it for the better

Don said...

Anonymous, that guy leaving his bag around is scary stuff.

If only there were some sort of sheath or scabbard that could be used to carry the gun securely strapped around a pilot's waist!
Well, maybe someday.