Monday, April 14, 2008

On Meeting The Incomparable Jackie DeShannon

Tonight at the Culver City Jazz Bakery I met the voice, charm and beauty behind the International Love Anthem written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love.”

Rather than performing Jackie was in the audience. The gifted singer/songwriter was just a couple of seats away from me at the still in development, Ernie Chambers jazz musical called, In Love.

Jackie has a web site but her appearances are too rare these days for my liking.

Over the decades Jackie really rocked me with such hits as, “Needles and Pins” and of course, “Put a Little Love In Your Heart.”

I have to tell you first hand Jackie is a total babe and still has it, all of it!
Pay A visit to the Jackie DeShannon website and rediscover her great sound.

Here are two great clips of this star!


Anonymous said...

So how was Ernie Chambers show "In Love"?

leomemorial said...

She was just on the PBS special featuring 60's music. Jackie sounded and looked great! However the performer that really surprised me was Dennis Tufano. He's going to be 62 years old this year and he looked incredibly handsome for his age and one truly great performer.

TheBronze said...

Jackie sure looks great for an older dame! The years have been very kind to her.

Anonymous said...

If you ever get your film made, Come Friday Jackie's music should be included since it's from that period. Annie Leybourne would have liked that.