Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Long Arm Of The Law Reaches Out Through Time Again

SAN DIEGO – Susan Lefevre was a teen who made some bad choices and found herself sent to prison for a 10 to 20 year term for drug dealing by a Saginaw county court after she pled guilty in 1975.

Soon Lefevre’s grandfather helped her break out of the what's mow called the Robert Scott Correctional Facility located in Plymouth and she’s been on the lam ever since.

Lefevre fled to California and It’s abundantly clear she learned the lesson her lifestyle brought her. Lefevre changed her ways and chose the life of a clean living, suburban San Diego housewife, and soccer mom.

According to a US Marshall’s spokesman the fugitive changed her name to Marie Walsh and evaded capture until late last week. Someone ratted out the 53 year-old absconder to the Michigan Department of Corrections. That led to her capture.

Lefevre’s husband and three children were unaware of her secret.

Punishment was administered but was interrupted for over three decades. Carrying around the secret and looking over your shoulder for so long is severe punishment in and of itself. Rehabilitation of criminals is the ultimate goal of our society and that goal has been reached in this case.

Lefevre faces swift and certain extradition to Michigan where she faces additional escape charges which may destroy the rest of this woman’s life. Her family must be enduring a frightening and heartbreaking nightmare.

Susan Lefevre is a victim of our failed Drug War. The drug laws created an opportunity for a teen to engage in some very lucrative commerce. That opportunity only existed because the drug prohibition made drugs worth far more than their weight in gold.

For now Michigan officials will decide issues while she is in custody over the next several months. Issues like an additional escape prosecution, new sentencing by the original court, or clemency.

I hope they find a way to administer compassion as well as punishment in Michigan. I want very much to see a commutation of Lefevre’s sentence allowing her to go home.

Read more bout this case and see video of an interview with the fugitive here.

A better interwiew can be found here.

Here is a high school photo of Lefevre before her arrest.


Anonymous said...

She's cute. I too wish that she be granted clemency. It is way overdue for politicians to realize that the so called "war on drugs" is never going to significantly impact drug use in society and only makes people of all walks of life into criminals. Instead, they should legalize and regulate all but the most harmful drugs and tax them. The money made on this would probably wipe out the federal deficit in no time.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Taxing the drugs that are now illegal will only invite and extend the drug war. That as the crime changes to tax evasion. .

Ending the Drug War will save taxpayers hundreds of billions over the next decade. We need less not more government that creating a drug tax would invite.

Whatsitallabout? said...

I agree with the train of thought that she should be given leniency. Imagine being 19 years old and having to walk away from everything and everyone you know. It must have been horrifying. Susan LaFevre was a very young adult who probably made a bad choice.. All is well I hope they let it go.

Some drugs, especially mariajuana, should be legalized, regulated and taxed. Or alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal. And we know how well Prohibition went over. Let adults make adult choices as long as they don't hurt others. When they do throw the book at them.

Anonymous said...

To help free Susan Lefevre, go to

joan ray said...

the law lets hardened murderers go, or give them light sentences. this kid , a teenager, was only someone in the car, who did not participate in the crime. so she made a mistake, i can not understand why they threw the book at her. tge punishment should fit the crime, i feel she suffered a great injustice from the courts. Give her community services , but release this soccer mom from jail. She has proved to the world, she is a good person, who made a terrible mistake as a mixed up teenager. Put the real criminals behind bars. Seems to me, someone gave this lovely mom, the wrong sentence in the first place. She did spend a year in jail, and i think that is enough. She escaped,as I woud have done, if it were me, as the term of imprisonment was too harsh, in the first place.She certainly did not have a good lawyer, if she did, she would have only gotten community service in the first place. It was her first crime, so that should have been taken into considertion.