Sunday, April 20, 2008

Heckler & Koch XM8, 5.56mm Assault Rifle Wins The Army’s Latest Torture Test

The current M-4 service rifle of the US military is the Grand child of the Colt M-16. The M-16 was introduced into combat at the beginning of the Viet Nam war. The M-16 had lots of problems related to unreliable cycling and being too needy for constant cleaning and maintenance.

The M-4 has not really been improved outside of cosmetic changes and adaptability for accessories many of which I question their value. Nothing replaces disciplined marksmanship.

I’m not fond of the 5.56 MM cartridge outside of law enforcement use and close in jungle fighting. I much prefer the 3.08 NATO round used in the Belgium FNFAL. The sad truth is today’s military boys and girls don’t shoot so well and rely on spray and pray. The need for lots of extra ammunition for poor marksmen is a reality. The real issue I have is the poor penetration of the 5.56 lady round that turns simple concealment into cover.

We are so heavily invested in the 5.56 MM round I don’t see a change in my lifetime. The H&K XM8 won the latest Army testing and as you can see in the video is an impressive performer. This little rifle has the feature I want that the M-16/M-4 does not have, access to the bolt and chamber.

RICHARD LARDNER of the Associated Press provides us with the details of the testing here.


TheBronze said...

"The sad truth is today’s military boys and girls don’t shoot so well and rely on spray and pray."

That's bullshit Paul.

Military people shoot just as well today as they ever have. I'll agree that the 5.56 round isn't the most effective, but to say that military folks don't shoot well and they rely on S&P is utter bullshit.

Tell that to thousands of dead terrorists all around the world. Are you trying to tell me that those dead bad guys were just "lucky"?

Anonymous said...

I agree,the statement about today's military not shooting well is total bs. the m4 is a car15,no difference.

Anonymous said...

Having shot AR's with EOT and ACOG I can say they will make a fair shot out of a rotton one and an excellent shot out of a fair one.

That is been more of why the AR has stomped terrorist dead than anything else.

The M4 is ok. Not great, but ok. But you would think we would develop a new rifle every 30 years or so as technology evolves (skip pistols, the 1911 still does fine and it's only 97 years old.

Anonymous said...

The XM8 and G36 are all based on the AR18,45 year old technology.These weapons all fire the same round,5.56x45 NATO,use the STANAG mag(POS),and offer nothing over the M16 series.

Until new small arms technology comes along,nothing out there is revolutionary,only comestic whistles and bells.

The Russians have continually upgraded the AK platform but we have not done much to the M16.
Colt is held back by politics from making numerous upgrades to the M16 system.
Sure AR15,M16,M16a1 and M16a2,minor baby step improvements.Want more punch out of the Black Rifle??Use 6mmx45,easy upgrade(new barrel).

Anonymous said...

Actually relying on spray and pray= Bs but I do agree we need better military training. ( I've seen an ambush video online Not even fcking close to the real deal and they were cussing like crazy)the HK xm8 does not use the same technology as the m4/ m16 variants actually very far from that.

every round that is fired; gas is released toward the receiver. so a good magazine won't change anything. personally I think that we need the xm8 if not an enhanced version for the military, and also control the homo-sexual caused rapes in the MIl.

it is statistically proven our (U.S) candyasses have the lowest lethality and efficiency (basically don't kill $hit and die first.) Now France's Homosexuals operate at the same standard as everyone else and they don't rape each other like the U.S. I thought about joining the Marine corps. but I won't join until that problem is situated.