Thursday, April 10, 2008

We get letters! RE: Armed Pilots

I am FFDO and only joined the program so I wouldn't have to suffer the affront every time I went to work of being frisked by some guy named Mohammed, who couldn't hold a job at 7-11 or driving a taxi in Manhattan.

Only in America can you produce such an inept leadership of an orgination of morons who don't have the balls to work smarter...not harder. Let me see if I have this right; I'm in uniform with no gun, I have to go through same screening as regular passengers. Take my computer out as well as the gum in my shirt pocket. I carry a gun, I show two photo ID's, sign a book and NOTHING in my bag is searched! That makes a lot of sense.

When will this country wake up and stop all the insanity? If it is for the passengers, simply remind them that we are the most vetted employee group of almost any industry. And, if they are not comfortable, Greyhound and Amtrak would be more than happy to carry them safely to their destinations!

When will the pilots come together and say enough is enough and give the TSA 6 months to come up with universal access or we don't fly? Shut down the plans for one hour and they would have a solution in a week!

We are going to "politically correct" ourselves right up to another event that will make 9-11 look like a picnic!

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