Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daley Vows Enforcement Action To Curb Chicago’s Latest Gang Violence!

Daly told reporters he and his new Police Superintendent are going to take action to slow down the epidemic of shootings plaguing the Windy City’s Black neighborhoods..

What’s Daley’s plan? As usual Daley will have the cops out searching far and wide for more middle-aged, White, gun collectors who own handguns banned in Chicago for decades. Of course these collectors only crime is to collect firearms.

The usual result of Daley’s war on gangs is that the gangs win absolute dominance and control over the entire city since Daley does his best to make sure only criminals have guns.

Daley will never live long enough to learn the simple truth, that his gun control efforts only make the problem much worse.


Anonymous said...

another officer in the 8th district a few years ago answered a call of a domestic disturbance. upon arrival, the angry wife in this dispute told the officers her husband had a large collection of firearms. it turned out this guy collected weapons from past wars and such. his collection was worth $40 thousand dollars. because of our laws these officers confiscated these weapons and spent 24 hours doing the paper and inventories. did we stop crime? no. we just destroyed some history because of some narrow-minded laws.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right!!When pigs fly.

Anonymous said...

Daley must be subordinate to the feds. He is their snitch boy in Illinois. Ever wonder why he is never touched? Well he was years ago. The feds had him red handed on money dealings and they had evidence on him involved in pediophile activities. As a result they OWN him.