Saturday, April 19, 2008

The TSA Must Be Stopped Now!

The TSA has become the most loathed government agency in American history. The horror stories of this agency’s brain-dead workers forcing women to drink their own breast milk and use pliers to remove nipple rings and such never end. Thefts of passenger’s property are common as too many of these otherwise unemployable people snoop rather than search for harmful items.

I can remember watching TSA operatives singling out actress, author and former Good Morning America host, Mariette Hartley for a secondary screening at New York’s JFK Airport. They tossed Hartley’s carryon bags contents displaying her underwear for all to see. Actor Paul Sorvino was also on that flight and they somehow let him escape that indignity as did the four, 20-something Muslim men traveling together on this same flight.

The TSA has bought hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bomb detection equipment that is easily defeated and their X-Ray imagining equipment just cannot see what will or will not explode.

The equipment works to discover guns left in bags by permitted but sometimes absent minded and normally law-abiding citizens who are instantly turned into convicted felons.

The TSA cites concerns that profiling passengers may violate the Constitution. I guess these same bureaucrats forgot to read the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition that restricts government from unreasonable searches and seizures absent probable cause or a judge’s warrant. The TSA claims that passengers voluntarily submit to the frisking is pure hogwash. We have to travel by air in the normal course of everyday life and there is no viable alternative.

Americans have allowed their politicians to trade freedom, liberty and privacy along with their dignity for the mere illusion of security. I’d much rather take my chances with terrorists any day.

America has become a nation of sheep allowing a few goats to treat them like criminals as they take them through the meaningless and demeaning security rituals.
Playing Simon Sez with the unwashed and unemployable that was hired for the TSA jobs program is beyond insulting.

Why would President Bush appoint a political hack like Kip Hawley to head this agency when he has no law enforcement training or experience?


Anonymous said...

Unrestricted travel only applies to horseback or wagon, just like the 2nd amendment only applies to muzzleloaders... c'mon Citizen, you should know that. Now about those papers...

Anonymous said...

TSA is a joke,from top to bottom.