Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Mom And Her Family Need Your Help!

Please Call or write Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm

For a stupid teenage indiscretion in illegal drug commerce in 1975, Susan Lefevre now known as Marie Walsh was sent to prison in Michigan. She accepted responsibility and got a draconian 10 to 20 year sentence.

Lefevre turned her life around and is a wife and mother of three fortunate children today. She’s avoided drugs, crime and the lifestyle that led to her going to prison. She did what less than ten percent of ex-convicts can do. She was never arrested for another offense.

Lefevre felt threatened in prison and found a way to escape with the help of her grandfather in 1976. LeFevre spent the next three decades keeping a terrible secret fearing every knock at the door. That knock came last Thursday and she is on her way back to Hell.

I’ve investigated this woman and firmly believe she should be forgiven and have her sentence commuted at once. I can’t imagine the horror her family is going trough right now.

Here is the whole story complete with links to interviews

I don’t see much help for this woman other than courageous clemency action by Michigan Governor, Jennifer M. Granholm. She will need time to investigate and determine if LeFevre is even worthy of the expense of extradition.

The Governor is really LeFerve’s only hope. I’m asking all of my readers to contact the Governor and send this woman back to her family. Then e-mail this article to everyone you know.

The governor’s contact information is below:
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863

A side note: 05/03/08-Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is now home, resting after undergoing surgery for intestinal obstruction stemming from an auto accident 15 years ago.

Even so the Governor is on top of Marie Walsh’s frightening situation. I know the governor wants to see a fair and humanitarian solution to Walsh’s Commutation investigation and proceedings.

I wish the Governor Godspeed to a full recovery.

Marie Walsh’s attorney is:
Paul Denenfeld, Esquire
Yates, LaGrand & Denenfeld PLLC
161 Ottawa Avenue, N.W., Suite 404
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Phone: 616-356-1770
Fax: 616-356-1772


Anonymous said...

I am thankful to see this website. I am a very good personal friend of Marie, and have known her for 23years. Please help my friend, as she doesnt deserve to be jailed.She is genuinely a good person who loves to give back.
She was victimized by the system, and has paid her debts everyday keeping this secret that has caused her undeserved shame .My love to her dear husband Alan and her three wonderful children. Please help Marie!!!

Anonymous said...

Readding about this woman and her plight brings me to tears. She meeds a break and so does her family.

Please letss no waste tax dollars om her. Prison cells are needed you younger dangerous criminals.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely disgraceful. The harmless woman belongs with her family. Justice is in no way served by strict application of a bad law and an arbitrary, ridiculous sentence. Please, everybody write to Granholm and express your outrage and sorrow over this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

This is a travesty - plain and simple a travesty. The State of Michigan is up to its eyeballs in debt and now they want to incur more by putting Marie away for a handful or so years? Oh, yeah, that makes sense? The purpose of prison is to rehabilitate the person - and looking at Marie it is VERY obvious that in 32 years "on the run" she has done that and more. Governor Granholm needs to do the right thing and Commute/Parson her and send her back home to CA for good. Actually Prez Bush should do this - Marie has done far less worse than Criminals like Karl Rove and Scooter Libby - and those 2 CROOKS were pardoned. The worst-ever Prez should cut Marie some slack and end this travesty.