Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Training Of Federal Flight Deck Officers (Armed Pilots) And the TSA Spin Doctors.

The TSA public relations spinners are out in full force defending their deadly, booby-trap FFDO holster design. They want to suggest that the solid week of intense training does not qualify the pilots to carry and retain guns like other federal officers.

One weeks training is shorter than agencies like the FBI but pilots don’t need the additional training on criminal law, evidence collection, rules of evidence and investigative functions. The actual FFDO firearm and tactics training is equal to that of any other federal officer’s.

I can’t even imagine a real firearms trainer teaching FFDO pilots to use any piece of equipment that allows or invites a foreign object like their “safety padlock” to come into contact with the trigger of a loaded firearm. Any self-respecting trainer would walk off the job first. The only reason this danger was not leaked to the public and press sooner is because the TSA classified the procedures as National Security. Nobody wants to risk prison. Pilots and trainers were all quietly holding their noses and going along with a dangerous and unworkable program.

Any self-respecting law enforcement firearms trainer would want the FFDOs to carry their weapons concealed and handle them only in an emergency just like any cop. The TSA's insane locking and unlocking procedures with a dangerously designed and unproven “safety padlock” was asking for a failure.

The FFDO holsters are otherwise well constructed but the padlocks must be recalled and used elsewhere. FFDO rules must change so they can carry their firearms while at work and commuting. This will also reduce thefts and the loss of the pilot’s weapons along with accidents.

Watch the video of the recreated accidental discharge...

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Anonymous said...

As a trained IDPA and NRA Range Safety Officer, CCW Permit holder and pistol club president, I can only say this whole setup was designed to fail while still on the drawing board. I have never seen anything so utterly stupid. Also, for what its worth, the TSA could get 'air marshal' protection from CCW permit holders willing to take one of their training courses and the service would be free if they weren't so blind stupid.