Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Secrecy Laws Protects TSA from Exposure of Their Incompetence

Saturday’s Federal Flight Deck Officer incident involving an accidental discharge was the result of administrative bungling rather than a case of a Barney Fife “quick draw” accident.

The first reaction of people to an accidental discharge of a firearm is the perception of deadly horseplay. The problem here is the public and press is being kept in the dark by the TSA, Federal Air Marshall Service and The FAA.

What they won’t tell you is how the TSA forced the specially trained FFDO pilots to use a piece of equipment that is defective in design to secure their side arms.

Any pilot would be fired and worse if he or she are caught talking to the press about the FFDO weapons, equipment or procedures. The TSA has “classified” the information and their stupidity as a national secret.

In the continuing TSA and FAA war against Congress’ law requiring some armed pilots the TSA created every roadblock to safe and effective implementation of the program. Such was the ridiculous padlocked holster that is inherently unsafe to use.

The FFDO procedures require that a combination padlock be placed inside the trigger guard of a loaded firearm. The problem is that the pilot can’t even see the trigger as he places the shackle through the small hole in the holster. If the gun is shifted even slightly the padlock can cause the trigger to be pulled. The holster has to be locked and unlocked every time the FFDO enters or leaves the cockpit. The unnecessary action increases likelihood of a tragedy and an end the FFDO program.

The TSA is not a law enforcement agency like the FBI or Marshall’s service. The TSA is a only political patronage outfit filled with dead end bureaucrats instead of cops.

The only beneficiaries of the bizarre and unorthodox TSA procedures are the enemies of America.

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