Friday, March 28, 2008

U.S. Airways Pilot In Gun Mishap ID’d By TSA Bungling

TSA officials released pilot, James Langenhahn’s name to the media by accident. As they were redacting sensitive information they left his name visible on a police report provided to the Charlotte Observer.

The TSA is working hard to evade their own responsibility and turn the career pilot and Air Force veteran into a scapegoat for the accident. The video I made shows just how a FFDO following the goofy TSA gun handling regulations can have a deadly accident.

The TSA and the other opponents to the armed pilot program are spinning this incident to absolve the agency and destroy Langenhahn’s name and career.
Read the news story here.

See Crimefile’s video here.


Anonymous said...

Searching grandmas, making women drink their own breast milk, the latest nipple ring circus, that deadly holster booby-trap is why we have the TSA!

Do they have a clue about anything at all? The TSA is a great place for the braindead and worthless souls that otherwise are just not employable.

It's Not All Real said...

I've been a copper for 20+ years myself, and I see nothing wrong with an airline pilot wearing a pancake holster with a pistol in it, even if he leaves the cockpit.

Tell the TSA asshats that the guns don't jump out of holsters and go off by themselves. Shit!