Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Perfect Shooting Suspect Police Mug Shot.

This is 29 year-old Erin Holmes. She was booked for aggravated Assault by Tempe, Arizona police for shooting her boyfriend a local tow truck driver. Her jail booking photo will be used by the media during the one to three years it will take to bring her to trial. Her booking photo does not look like a typical police muug shot of a criminal. Holmes jury' or public opinions won’t be swayed in any sort of negative way by seeing this pleasant picture.

As in nearly every shooting there is a reason, perhaps a good reason such as self-defense or the shooting was the result of an accident. Here a jury will probably decide since she’s been arrested. If Holmes was smart enough to say absolutely nothing to the police convicting her will be difficult.

As a defense investigator this is the kind of case I love to handle.

The message here is simple, always smile for every camera!

Here’s the story so far by Arizona’s News Channel, KTVK-TV.


Anonymous said...

I would tap that.

John Northen said...

An attractive and clever young lady. I too must say "I'd tap that." (As long as I'm guaranteed she wouldn't bite it off.)

Ghost said...

Supposedly, attractive people get lighter sentences, pass more interviews, make more money, and live longer.

As a "not so attractive" person, yes... totally jealous.

TheBronze said...

I hit it! She's kinda cute, in a dangerous kinda way.

TheBronze said...

Make that: "I'd hit it!"

I have not had the pleasure of actually hitting it, as was insinuated in my previous post.

Anonymous said...

Look at her, those glassy pinned eyes. No, she does not look like Donna Reed to me. You just like her 'cause she's got that Barbie Doll look to her.