Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Help SECOND CITY COP Save The Chicago Police Department

I must say that the City of Chicago has lost most its luster. Crooked politicians and their contractors have bled the city bone dry as they magically escape criminal investigation or Indictment. . Chicago has become the most unattractive place to live and work for all but the super rich or government freeloaders.

The once proud police department has been decimated through affirmative action and the massive lowering of hiring standards. Clout provides sub-standard officers promotions and a job for life or at least until age 63. Clout always was a help but most officers needed at least a little of their own merits to succeed. Not anymore.

The morale of the department is reflected in the overall lousy appearance of the officers. The officer’s grooming and image today is beyond saddening.

The FOP is only a group of yes men for the politicians collecting inflated salaries forked over by working cops. The rank and file can’t seem to overcome residency requirements, mediocre pay and little hope for respect or any improvement at all.

One day along came an anonymous blogger who created a first rate communications system for all officers to be able to penetrate and expose corruption, favoritism and bad management.

Every boss knows that stepping out of line will get him or her some well deserved attention. Second City Cop has given the street patrolman real power. 7000 people a day visit the site to find out what what’s going on and just how they may be affected in their professional lives. Officers commenting can reveal things that their bosses seek to cover up.

If the rank and file officers are to ever have pride again in their city and job it will because of Second City Cop and the other likeminded officers.

A concerted effort to get rid of Ed Burke, his puppet mayor and a truly worthless city council has to begin. Next their political hacks, and their cronies need to be removed. If all the cops would follow their oaths and expose the politician’s deeds they know about a great change would take place and the city may be a place working people would want to raise their families again.

Robert Cooley was a cop turned crooked lawyer turned white knight. He brought down a lot of slimy officials. If there were only ten Robert Cooleys instead of just one, we’d still have Meigs Field, far lower taxes and money to improve life in a dying metropolis.

Second City Cop is a true hero.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Excellent post. Got your email before I head to bed and had to read the blog. I moved back here two years ago, Paul. It's horrific to see what has happened here. The public has more power then our peace officers & city leaders have let this place deteriorate.

I've seen it: Drunken Cub fan outside Wrigley trying to fight w/a vendor, then yelling at the responding officers... Logans Square - responding unmarked car w/sirens blazing, lights flashing and nobody is moving for them. Not even the moron in the suv who HAS room is not moving. Finally, I had to go up to his window and wave him over. These people are the big guns in the unmarked, so there could have been a 10-1, or civlian in trouble.

The worst though was when I had to call CPD when I first moved here. The responding officers were pulled from a totally different area far from me. What I saw was the gang bangers friend, then shortly, a lawyer brother show up during the goof fighting the cops. I stayed, watching as both people cried police brutality. Which was not the truth. I gave the Sergeant my personal info in case these idiots tried to sue.

I feel for these people... and can identify with some of the things they may be going through here. You get beat down... and instead of enjoying life, are forced to try to SURVIVE in this godforsaken city. What the hell kind of life is that? It's not.

Anonymous said...

I was just talking to a fellow officer about this same topic,i.e. not respecting the police and/or feeling that one doesn't have to abide by their orders.

I'm not sure if it's a reflection of disrespect for officers or just further deterioration of a society that's bent on the attitude of "me first" or "I'm who's important".

Kids today laugh when they get arrested knowing nothing happens. Look at the bars on weekends, people still drink and drive, disregarding all attempts at safe driving. Look at drivers everyday who disregard stop signs and stop lights, no one feels compelled to obey laws anymore. Very sad.

Stay safe all.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Darbro, the lesbian firefighter running for Illinois House of Representatives in the 20th District, was endorsed without even doing the required interview. It was all arranged by Donahue for Madigan. Her opponent, a hockey buddy named Cary Capparelli, is a good guy, supports all of our police policies and has impeccable credentials.