Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Dozen Easy Ways To Fix California’s Budget Crisis

These simple actions would immediately help any state or local government get their financial affairs out of the red. Why pay good money after bad with yet another tax increase?

1. Require every school child to provide proof of legal residency in order to attend any public school.
2. Develop high quality and accredited online schools in the most common languages to assist and encourage home schooling at every educational level. Every correctional institution needs to make these courses available to inmates.
3. Make school textbooks available in digital form for the online students.
4. Develop online English classes for immigrants in most common languages so they can function in American society.
5. Require every uninsured and non-paying hospital patients to prove legal residency for medical treatments other than lifesaving emergencies.
6. Put prison convicts to work picking crops eliminating the need for illegal aliens.
7. Confiscate and sell at a public auction every automobile operated by illegal aliens.
8. Extend all drivers’ licenses for 15 years reducing the need for hundreds of thousands of hours of MVD employee time.
9. Reduce fees for citizens that renew vehicle registrations or drivers online.
10. Eliminate the requirement for a front license plate on motor vehicles.
11. Require every vehicle on the roads be equipped with a GPS navigation device to reduce the numbers of vehicles driving endlessly while clogging traffic. The result will be fewer accidents, hospitalizations and lost lives saving taxpayers millions.
12. Require the courts establish virtual online courts where the parties involved in civil or criminal cases can deal with pre-trial matters over the Internet via webcams. The goal here is reducing the need for millions of miles of commuting by public paid lawyers and other government workers attending these hearings and such.


Anonymous said...

"10. Eliminate the requirement for a front license plate on motor vehicles.".....Huh?

Anonymous said...

I also don't understand the part about putting GPS on vehicles that "drive endlessly". Will there be some sort of a penalty for vehicles that drive over an allotted number of miles? Personally, I drive almost 60 miles each way to work (in a law enforcement capacity)...would I be penalized for driving too many miles?

Anonymous said...

And the thing about the front license's one of those laws here in California that they seem to take very seriously....they want to make sure they nail you if you run a red light where there's a camera...