Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New York Girl Savagely Murdered

There was no Internet or Conservative talk-radio programing and the messages from the media were tightly controlled in 1964. America was still reeling from the organized destruction of a loyal American Senator by the same media. Back then television was so new and captivating to Americans they easily believed anything the news commentators said.

The good Senator from Wisconsin was deeply concerned about the Communist movement in America and its covert taking over our schools, media and government. He told us all but nobody would listen. We now have exactly what he feared, along with little freedom and a huge and unstopable monster of a government.

Life went on in the country and the change was so slow nobody really noticed. On March 13, 1964, Catherine Susan Genovese was just 28 years-old and was working as a manager at Eve's 11th Hour Sports Bar on Jamaica Avenue in Hollis, Queens. Like all single girls she had fears of muggings and worse on the mean streets of New York. Genovese lived with her young lover, Mary Ann Zielonko in an apartment building and left work for home after closing time at 2:00AM.

Winston Mosley was rapist and killer who also had a savage lust for necrophilia. He was a burglar and also a huge reason why Americans need to have meaningful self-defense tools and rights. Communists hate gun rights because arms would be used by counter-revolutionaries that would want to defeat their one world government dream. The Communists were and still are firmly in control of New York’s government. The Sullivan Gun Ban disarmed all but those like Winston Mosley.

Mosley was out on the prowl like any dangerous animal. That night Mosley selected his prey, and she was Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese.

New Yorkers know to mind their own business and hope they could somehow stay invisible to the empowered and well armed predators like Mosley.

When Mosley attacked, Kitty screamed for help. Many neighbors heard Kitty’s desperate cries for help but remained frozen with fear. Mosley’s stabbing, slashing and sexual assault lasted a full half-hour.

One neighbor yelled out to Mosley to leave the girl alone. Mosley knew that he owned the streets and continued his attack with confidence. Mosley knew any New Yorker who dared use any weapon to stop him would go to prison.

Thirty-eight fellow citizens witnessed some or all of the incredibly brutal crime and did nothing. Later the experts coined the new psychological phenomenon that became known as the "Genovese syndrome”. The phenomenon that created the climate of fear that killed Kitty Genovese already had a name and it was, The Sullivan Law.


Anonymous said...

Please keep up with your efforts to educate the American People. Our citizens are oblivious to the realities of crime and the necessity that we be able to defend ourselves. Our leaders, most of whom will not go anywhere without weapons or armed security have failed us. It is imperative that we protect or take back our basic right of self defense.

Anonymous said...

Brutal story, yet it happens over
& over in every big city in this country. Ya oughta see the way these young post college girls are raped in the Lakeview/Wrigleyville
areas(Chicago), and the secondary crime of how the media suppresses it and who is doing it.