Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Supreme Court DC Gun Ban Arguments Were A lot Of Hot Air

The lawyers stepped up to make their arguments over One hour and 37 minutes. The Justices as always took the wind out of the lawyer’s sails by interrupting them with questions and stealing time from their arguments. We can only hope the justices are really reading the mountains of briefs filed in the case.

The pro-gun rights plaintiff’s lawyer arguments contained a message that the Second Amendment somehow meant the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be UNREASONABLY infringed. The pro-gun rights argument was far behind the tone of the published opinion of the DC Court of Appeals that upheld our Second Amendment rights.

As usual we really can’t draw conclusions as to the court’s direction based on today’s session. We have to rely on the usual benchmarks and hope we have a five to four split on the predictable political leanings of the justices themselves.

I can only see an opinion that says the Second Amendment is and individual right. I don’t see the court suggesting that the right is somehow limiting through 25,000 gun laws that are on our law books. Keeping and bearing of arms by the people is either a right or it is not.

Over the next three months we will hear the court speak.

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