Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spector Defense Is Out Of Gas

The defense is winding down and famed forensic expert Henry Lee is in China and beyond the reach of a court subpoena. The defense requested to have Dr. Lee’s earlier testimony given out of presence of the jury to be read to the jury. Judge Fidler ruled against the defense request simply because the defense did not bother to serve their witness with the subpona. I somehow suspect we’ve heard the last of Dr. Lee’s testimony.

We still may see the jury’s possible field visit to Spector’s castle. There will be some testimony about Lana Clarkson’s computer data. I suspect that Arizona firearms examiner, Lucian c. “Luke Haag will be not now be called.

No defense lawyer in his right mind will put Phil Spector on the witness stand. There is no reason for Spector to say anything at all.

Was this a tactical defense plan to derail the prosecution’s rebuttal case? It looks like there will be no additional witness baring something after the prosecution’s rebuttal that’s expected to take three days.

Will the defense team pull a rabbit out of their hat to make a splash? That remains to be seen. At the rate Judge Fidler moves, this the end of this trial will see be weeks away.

Don’t be surprised if Brue Cuttler does not deliver any portion of the closing argument.

The reality is the prosecution has not presented more than theories that Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson.


Anonymous said...

Paul -- you provide insights into this interesting trial we could not find any other way. Thanks for your work on this.

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I hope he gets the chamber!

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