Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sour Grapes For D.C. Gun-Rights Grabbers As They Appeal Loss of Gun Ban

You can see it in the happy faces of D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and the head of his Gun Gestapo, Chief Cathy Lanier. They lost their ability to ban the law-abiding folks in Washington D.C. from owning handguns. The days of cops kicking down doors because someone dare keep a handgun for self-defense in this city are over.

Last March, a three judge federal appeals court panel overturned the D.C. handgun ban holding that the 30 year-old prohibition was unconstitutional. Efforts to get the entire appellate court to hear the case en banc failed.

Now time is running out on the stay granted pending appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Rather than roll over, these gun-rights haters have asked the nation’s highest court to declare the Second Amendment as only a right for various government forces to keep and bear arms and not the people. Government always had the right to keep arms without the Second Amendment making that argument absurd.

The last time the Supreme Court spoke about the Second Amendment was in the flawed Miller Case wherein the court held some 70 years ago, that a sawed off shotgun was not a suitable military weapon and not Constitutionaly protected. The justices just did not know that such shotguns were used in trench warfare in virtually every war. Miller disappeared and no lawyer representing him argued on behalf of the defendant before the court in that one-sided case.

The opinion of the D.C. Court of Appeals is well researched and bulletproof. If the Court refuses to hear the case or hears it and rules that the Second Amendment is a right of the people gun laws will fall everywhere they have bans or demand payment for permits and registration involving firearms.

The only gun laws unaffected if the D.C. ruling is upheld will be gun bans for convicted felons, lunatics and incompetents. Let’s win one for Freedom and Liberty!


Anonymous said...

ahh look how poor wittle Ms Hitler looks, when her left wing socialist mug pouts.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the supreme court will turn and refuse to hear the case; making the decision of the lower court stand. Then again hopefully they will hear it to rule the 2nd amendment is a RIGHT of the individual not some hitler followers.

Anonymous said...

the SC will not hear the case. Upholding the DC case will make it the law of the land

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that the Supreme Court hears the case and rules affirmitavely in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

God Bless the USA

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but she is kinda cute.

Anonymous said...

What do you know or can you find out about,Ilana Rosenzweig,the new head of Chicago's OPS? She hails from LA and was in charge of the Civilian Review Board for LA.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to wager that,Los Angeles attorney Ilana B.R. Rosenzweig OPS's new chief administrator will last less than one year in the position.

Da Mayor made a brilliant strategic move by bringing in an outsider to clean up the mess. With all the upcoming scandals about to surface "the outsider" will delegate discipline, insulating Da Mayor from the fallout.

OPS will now be tasked with many of the "dirty jobs" removing the Superintendent from the fallout too.

After the mess is sorted through and the house is considered clean she will leave Chicago with a major resume enhancement and the title of "Reformer of the CPD"

This little arrangement also appeases the community groups and the leftist anti-police crowd. They now have an "independent outsider" metting out discipline.

Expect an announcement of the new Superintendent shortly. A further deluge of exempt retirements and an entire restructuring of the CPD.

It is definitely a transitional time to be a Chicago copper.

Cummulatively totalled, this could be as big as Mayor Richard J. Daley's O.W. Wilson.

Anonymous said...

I bet Chief Lanier takes full advantage of HR 218,hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

If only we could get this to happen in Chicago. I wonder what the Area Gun Teams would do them. No more busting down innocent peoples home on B/S warrants and hauling them off to jail because their REGISTRATION lapsed. No more seizing their guns because their REGISTRATION lapsed. No more making law abiding citizens criminals just to get on the bosses good side stay in plain clothes. Am I dreaming?