Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why Are We Such Candyasses?

Strange white powder appears in some college dorm. Panic sets in as thousands of tax dollars are spent on a major terrorist investigation that’s waged by local, state and federal authorities. It seems some bonehead claimed the powder was the deadly poison called Ricin. The news media quickly brought out an army of terrorism expert-pundits to frighten everyone. They need to outlaw those damned doughnut sprinkles!

Some harried and late traveler passes by an airport security gate where the low-wattage TSA monkeys are dozing off. The apes wake up and quickly initiate an airport lockdown and a national news story.

Some seventh grade school kid brings his father’s antique handgun to school for a show and tell program. Yep, even though nothing has happened the kid makes the nightly news. This lad whoever he is should quickly run out and get an agent for a book and movie deal while he’s still hot news.

A tourist poses in front of a tourist attraction for a photo being taken by yet another tourist. Officials over-react and then try to justify their silliness with exaggerated claims that the picture taking by the tourists was not normal. It’s not normal to take pictures of tourist attractions? Maybe our experts that claim to know what normal is need to visit the Internet. They should navigate to Google Images and then try to find any portion of any such landmark that not been photographed to death.

I guess we have forgotten the days when nobody was ever searched boarding an airplane in this country. The chances of that passenger whizzing by the security checkpoint being a real terrorist are even less than me winning that Powerball Lottery with that single ticket I bought last week.

I’m becoming ashamed of being an American. That’s because everyone else in the world will assume I’m a candyass.


ewink said...

Over reaction is the new apple pie...

Anonymous said...

Yep that's the new image of the all American man! A candyass!

Anonymous said...

It gets worse every day.

Rue St. Michel said...

That is because we are now governed by hysteria - check out the nightly news. They're always creeping in with stories intended to scare: What you didn't know about your juicer could KILL you!"

Though I'm not a fan of Micheal Moore, in Bowling for Columbine, his point is that we are now guided by fear, reaction, and a MSM that is out of touch.

So it is not surprising that some white powder is found somewhere and it automatically becomes a priority 1A hazmat event.

My Dad went to CVS and was on the ROTC rifle team there. Once a week the team would come to school with their M1's and ammo. No one was ever killed - there were no rampages, no one climbed up on the roof and began sniping.

We live in a different world.