Monday, February 27, 2006

The dark side of Law Enforcement

There are times when politicians and bureaucrats that appoint cops order them to take action that’s in direct conflict with the United States Constitution. All cops are required to take an oath to defend and protect that Constitution.

Some cops will blindly follow orders as too many did in Germany during Hitler’s Third Reich. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial set the standard that following orders is no excuse to escape punishment.

Hurricane Katrina was blight on America not just for a weather related disaster but also for a greater disaster, the destruction of basic American Freedom, Liberty and human dignity. Notwithstanding the relentless and unending bureaucratic blunders aggravating the human misery, some government agents began a crime wave of their own.

The former Chief of the New Orleans Police Department conspired with others to commit home invasions and armed robberies against New Orleans homeowners. Officers from the NOPD and agencies as far away as the California Highway Patrol along with National Guard troops forced their way into homes, assaulted the residents, and robbed them of any firearms they could find. I can’t bear to think what may have happened if a victim of these acts fought back killing some cop. That’s just one more reason why I don’t support the death penalty.

The lawsuits against the officers and conspirators will go on for years, Perhaps more years than this victim in the first video, Patricia Konie has left on this earth.

My friend Bob Woodruff reports on video number two.

These outrages should never be allowed to happen again.

An Update 3/1/06



Anonymous said...

Those rotten bastards should be charged for violation of the civil rights as well as armed robbery.

Anonymous said...

I'd have refused that assignment. They'd have fired me over that I'm sure.

That's what Daley wants us to do in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Every gun should be removed by force from evey home in America!

Anonymous said...

I watched both clips. It's damn communism! No laws being broken, but gun confiscation under color of authority. And no accountability by anyone.
I'm a cop and I am ashamed for the California Highway Patrol.

Anonymous said...

Let's all ignore the troll. More than anything, he or she desperately wants to get a rise. Don't give him (or her) the psychosexual satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Every gun should be removed by force from evey home in America!

February 27, 2006 10:48 PM

Hitler and Lenin did that.....and you know what a great job they did with Germany and Russia! DUH

Rue St. Michel said...

The Second Amendment guarantees all the other amendments and is the glue that holds our Constitution together.

Totalitarian regimes have always gone for the guns first, then the intelligensia and finally, the family.

Guns don't kill, people do. People today are terrified and are living in a cesspool of hysteria. Guns get the most attention of the MSM because they are LOUD and MESSY. Anything loud and messy gets reported.

In the book, Freak-A-Nomics, the authors examined themes that were taken to be stock true. One of the items they discuss are guns. Did you know that a child is 100 times MORE LIKELY to die in a swimming pool accident than by a handgun in the home? It's true....

Anonymous said...

Don't think confiscation could never take place in America. Those cops and guardsmen didn't seem to think twice about doing it.

Most cops will probably be eager to do it, others cops will do it because they are told to at the risk of their jobs and livelihoods. They will then become more concerned with their mortgage and their neck deep debt than any silly oath they took in years passed, but never really meant anyway.

Plus, the only thing in a cops mind these days is "going home safe", Constitution be damned.

As long as there is a Republican in the White House, a large percentage of gunowners will look the other way or support it while making ridiculous comments like: "Oh, and you think John Kerry wouldn't be confiscating guns...", or "and you think Al Gore would be any better..."