Friday, February 17, 2006

The Chicago Police Department reminds me of Maxwell Smart!

Do you remember Maxwell Smart from the TV spy-spoof series called Get Smart? The late actor, Don Adams played the lead role. His scene scripts often went like this:
Cmdr. Drury: Smart, you appear to be in pretty good shape, do you work out?
Maxwell Smart: I jog one hundred miles every day! Would you believe it? One hundred miles!
Cmdr. Drury: I find that hard to believe.
Maxwell Smart: Would you believe fifty?
Cmdr. Drury: No!
Maxwell Smart: How about two push-ups and a deep breath?

It seems that the Chicago Police department have since revised their claims about yesterday’s gun raid. Officer Kristina Schuler told the Chicago Tribune that instead of seizing 300 guns they actually only have 276.

They’ve now named the gun collector at the heart of the story as, James R. Patrick, 63. Gone are the claims he was selling his collection to street gangs. Those claims were the basis of probable cause needed to obtain the search warrant from a judge. My guess is the “tips” to police were manufactured but the judges appointed by the gun-hating, Mayor Daley don’t seem to care.

Chicago police officials are still are claiming (I think hoping is a better word here) that they believe he two of the firearms might violate federal law. I predict that ATF authorities will examine those two items and Patrick will be vindicated.

So far the results of this major raid and arrest were predictable based of the CPD’s gun enforcement history.

The gun-collector James Patrick is only facing the pissy-little charges from the city’s Municipal Code that carry a maximum penalty of up to $500 or imprisonment of no more than 90 days.

This case will take years off Patrick’s life, as the City of Chicago moves to destroy a significant portion of his life savings and Patrick’s good name in the process. So much for the Constitutional Right, to Keep and Bear Arms in Mayor Daley’s Chicago.


Anonymous said...

How long are the people of Chicago and Illinois going to allow this mayor to push them around?

Anonymous said...

If gun collectors were so evil Daley would have been killed long ago.

When he dies I do want to pee on his headstone.

Anonymous said...

Daley need to go to prison and learn to do the BUGA-BUGA with Will.

Anonymous said...

I love the Maxwell Smart reference. It's so apropos...

Anonymous said...

Any time the government can get a deadly weapon away from anyone it's a good day.

Guns are for killing and must be outlawed!

Once the majority of guns are out of the public's hands we can disarm the police too since they won't need them any more.

Anonymous said...

WOW......Take the guns from the police when most of the guns are out of the public's hands....WOW. You sir need to keep your helmet on. Basically we will end up with the worst of the worst criminals possessing the guns and then a time will come when you are being robbed, complete with a Glock in your face, and the Police will yell at your attacker, in a stern voice no doubt, to make the bad man go away. You sir are one of these liberals who hate the Police but are quick to call them when need someone with the courage to do the things that must be done.

Furthermore, the sunday NY Times is a deadly weapon in the wrong hands....much like rolling pins, household hammers, and mommy's iron. I suppose you also are for the banning of pressed shirts!!!

Liberals are conservatives who haven't been robbed yet.

Anonymous said...

Ask the 6 million Jews who had thier guns taken away and wound up with no guns to protect themselves!

No guns for the police yeah right! That is imposible in a police state! You have to keep the subjects in line!

Anonymous said...

Funny how England has outlawed guns, cops usually don't have guns, but DANG!!!! the criminals DO have guns.

Yea, outlaw guns. If we can't keep dope from our shores, just how you gonna keep the guns and ammo out????

And, of course, if 100 years from now our country becomes Nazi, how you going to take it back cuase there won't be any vote?

E. David Quammen said...

The intentions of the Framers, were for us ALL to have guns. Has a tendency of keeping EVERYONES perspective in it's proper place.

Cops wouldn't have it near so bad. Because there are plenty of civilians willing to assist them. (I know that's a hot button issue, but it WAS the intent of the founders, nonetheless).

And almost all criminals are lazy cowards, so they'll keep in line. Or, move on to greener pastures.

But the screaming liberals have changed all that haven't they? They'll get theirs one day. What comes around, goes around. And usually the return flight is far more ferocious!