Friday, February 03, 2006

Punitive taxes on ammunition to control guns and feed the Tax Hog

The result of this idea from the folks who hate gun and gun rights will bring with it tragic and unintended consequences.

Lots of law enforcement folks practice on their own time and at their own expense. The same holds true for the thousands of security personnel, private detectives and ordinary people who need to defend their families along with themselves.

None of these people will be able to afford to train and practice as a result of any punitive tax. I wonder how many innocent people will have to die because of government imposed, poor marksmanship? Of course all of the firing ranges will have to close and even if you could afford the ammo tax there will be no place to practice.

The legendary, Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Sgt. Alvin York did not learn his shooting skills in the Army. He developed his ability to protect our way of life as a civilian. That was long before we wrapped ourselves in thousands of gun impairments and gun bans.

This punitive ammo tax idea comes from the same people who want guns banned from the earth at any risk or cost. These emotionally lost souls all gather under the banner of, Sensible Gun Control. Their idea of sensible gun control is for the unrealistic concept of total gun elimination from the earth.


Anonymous said...

asshole politicians can't keep their fat hands out of my pockets.

Anonymous said...

This idea will lead to dead cops. I would not call that unintended consequences. It seems that's exactly what these people want.

We at the Chicago Police Dept. only qualify once a year with our duty weapon. That's not enough to keep anyone safe.

Anonymous said...

The gungrabbers can't get guns banned, because they can't get the laws passed. So they try other things, "nuisance" suits, liability suits, and now a tax on ammo. Actually, that's an old idea being brought up again.

What about addressing the willingness of CRIMINALS to SHOOT people!! It is already against the law to do that. When you try to stop drunk drivers, you don't outlaw automobiles, you work on the driving habits.

Gungrabbers won't listen to reason, they know best, so don't bother with them. Pay your NRA dues if you haven't already.

E. David Quammen said...

What do these continued attempts at violations of our Rights tell us? Believe the correct Constitutional term for these acts is USURPATION.

Under color of supposed 'law' these creatures have shown a distinct plan of subjugation of the people.

The political system seems to have evolved into an aristocracy. In which 'they' are using police and military as their tools in the carrying out of this 'scheme'.

Don't know about anyone else, but I hate to be considered a 'tool'. And it can be shown with clarity, that these despicable acts being perpetrated. Are in direct confliction with the Founding Principles of Our once great Nation.

'They' seem to desire a nation of impotents. This perversity must be turned back, before it's to late. By inhibiting, in any degree, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear arms, is attempt at enslavement.

What we are truly battling here is 'evil'. It is a war on principles. The usurpers are undermining the 'principles upon which Our, once great, country was Founded.

It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out, that one you undermine a structure. It is only a matter of time before it collapses.

Does anyone remember when Nikita Kruschev stated; "We'll take you over, without firing a shot?" Firmly believe he was making a statement of fact, as to their intentions. And communism, despite any evidence to the contrary, is by no means.

We are being 'played' people. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And it is NEVER satified. Once the tools have finished being useful, they are perceived as the next 'threat'. (Remember the German SA? Ruthlessly crushed by Heinrich Himmler of the SS. Reason? They were a direct 'threat' to the never-ending struggle for power.)

We ALL need to remember, despite whatever our 'position' is, just who it is that WE are - FREE AMERICANS! Our Rights were purchased long ago by the BLOOD of our Founders. And many other Patriots along the way!

Are WE going to surrender them to the greed and lust of the unworthy?

E. David Quammen said...

Meant to put....And communism, despite any evidence to the contrary, is by no means DEAD. At the end of the 8th paragraph.