Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where and who are the Hollywood Stool Pigeons?

It’s safe to say we will all find out soon. Former, fellow private eye, Anthony Pellicano has spent the last couple of years at Club Fed for weapons violations.

That case may be small potatoes compared to what he may be facing over an extortion and wiretapping beef. This is a parallel case has been building since the day Pellicano's Sunset Boulevard office was raided by local and federal officers in November of 2002.

In addition to laws against surreptitiously intercepting the conversations of others, California has a really backward law that requires all parties to any conversations to give consent to anybody recording the conversation. To record without permission is a serious felony. That law only serves to protect, extortionists, crooked public officials and liars.

Supposedly law enforcement agents found CDs, of high profile Hollywood types chatting away on the telephone in Pellicano's office. The guess is that Pellicano somehow unlawfully intercepted and recorded those calls. I’m clueless as to how the government can show just how the calls were recorded and who did the wiretapping. Of course if Pellicano himself is a participant in the conversations and he has the recordings that may be substantial evidence of his guilt. One thing for sure the savvy Pellicano has not given the government more than his name, rank and serial number.

The cops and prosecutors are chomping at the bit to raid lots of swank homes of the Hollywood elite. They can’t wait to mug for the TV cameras as they haul some of Tinseltown’s more famous lawyers, agents and actors off to jail. I can just see some of L.A. County DA, Steve Cooley’s lady prosecutors getting makeovers just so they look good on TV while prosecuting their prey. Most of the new charges are the result of a Federal Grand Jury indictment. Some of the felony charges are at the local level.

The first such person to fall in this quagmire is Robert Joseph Pfeifer, 50, who was once president of Disney-owned Hollywood Records. It seems that Pfeifer went through a nasty divorce and custody skirmish that required Pellicano’s unique investigative talents.

Pfeifer is reportedly just the tip of an iceberg that will sink a lot of wealthy and powerful ships. I think it’s safe to say this case and the others will by made by the stool pigeons.

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Anonymous said...

If Pellicano starts blabbing it would rearrange the entire entretainment industry. New agents, new stars, new studio heads would all happen overnight.