Thursday, February 23, 2006

87 million dollar UK stickup soon to be a big budget feature film

Even before this case is solved, and I predict that it will, agents and filmmakers are already scrambling to fill the various roles.

This is about that kidnapping of a security manager and his family to facilitate the UK’s largest ever heist, in Tonbridge, Kent, which is located some 20 miles southeast of London. The hold-up was pulled off this week by a ruthless, armed gang in a country where the laws have made sure only criminals can have guns.

Sweden's Securitas AB, the world's biggest security firm has suffered a disastrous public relations nightmare over their failure to prevent the loss of this fortune from their facility.

Visions from Chicago’s, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre surround this story as in that case the perpetrators donned police uniforms and used a phoney police vehicle in the looting of the depot. The robbers are said to have worked with military precession as they engaged in heavy lifting, moving the cash bundles for over an hour.

If only there was a role for a middle aged, ex-Chicago cop turned, turned private eye, actor just like me in this soon to be made big dollar production…

An uptate and you're going to ask me, how'd I know? Yep the long arm of the law grabbed someone already and soon they'll all be in the bag!

Read the latest as of Feb 24.

Paramount, Grammnet

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Anonymous said...

I can see Paul playing some Yankee tourist who gets caught up in the Scottland Yard dragnet by mistake!