Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Taser Stun Guns And Other Demons

I’m all for cops having the right tools for the job. I’m not so sure the Taser stun gun is right for anybody.

I’m not worried about the deaths blamed on this device or cops using them for eliciting confessions from suspects.

I’m concerned this one shot gizmo with a 15-foot range has been over-ratted by an aggressive marketing campaign.

The right clothing will stop this thing cold and the user does not get a second chance. Of course there is always the possibility the thing will fail altogether.

I was really dismayed when United Airlines wasted lots of money getting these Tasers as a anti-hijacking weapon for their pilots. Every airline pilot should be trained and armed with a handgun. Those refusing to do so should be invited to leave and go flip burgers somewhere.

As a firearms trainer the only use I can see for the Taser is to deal with an unarmed person who refuses to submit to an arrest. Of course an officer with proper backup can accomplish a difficult arrest without injury to himself or the suspect under most conditions.

I don’t want to outlaw these devices but I don’t want cops forced to carry them either. Such is the case in Houston, Texas where allegations surfaced that Chief Harold Hurtt and his wife had a financial interest in the Taser company.

I hate the thought of civilians watching a controlled demonstration of the device and then believing the Taser will keep them safe from violent criminals. The Taser is not an alternative to a firearm.

For a alternative to a firearm, I’d suggest a good knife such as the full sized Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn, combat folding knife. A knife will always work, never run out of ammunition and is far more effective a close range than any handgun.

Here's a strange Taser story from Feb 23.


Anonymous said...

Some people fear these more than guns.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a knife!

Anonymous said...

I dont tink a knife would be an approved weapon for a copper in da great city of Chi-cahhh-go. Da-Mare would blow a gasket, all da lawsuit money he would pay out to da mules.