Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Web Of Hollywood Intrigue Is Growing Today…

The Feds unsealed more of the Pellicano Indictment snaring the biggest fish yet.

Los Angeles lawyer, Terry Christensen, 65, and his billionaire friend, entertainment mogul, Kirk Kerkorian were indicted for intercepting the phone calls of Lisa Bonder Kerkorian to gain tactical advantage in their pending high octane divorce proceedings.

Christansen has a huge problem here because Pellicano not only wiretapped Lisa Bonder Kerkorian’s phone; he recorded his own conversations with Christensen. We can expect a huge legal fight to exclude the calls illegally recorded by Pellicano as evidence against Christensen. I’d venture to say new law might result over this prosecution of Christensen.

I must say that I find it really hard to believe that Christensen would have actually incriminated himself in conversations with anybody because of his long stellar history as a big gun lawyer.

The fallout from the expected civil litigation may well include record jury verdicts once the criminal cases have ended.

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Anonymous said...

The legal fees paid to fight this legal mess could support the Iraq War for at least a year.

The prosecutors will be happier than pigs in shit!