Friday, February 24, 2006

Video and the latest on that 87 million dollar UK stickup.

As I've expected the police have been busy recovering money and rounding up suspects. The odds of breaking a case where a gang of criminals is involved increases by the number of participants. This gang was too large to avoid quick discovery and capture.

Read more and watch the video here...

Still more progress 2/25/06.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Like the blog, its a very interesting read. You might be able to answer this question.

I've observed over recent years that most high profile crime, like this robbery, but more particularly incidents of murder seem to get solved and go to trial.

Is this success rate of serious crime indicitive of better detection (through better technology and methods) or is my perception incorrect reliant as it is on media reporting.

James, UK.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I predicted a quick solution to this robbery based on old-fashioned police work rather than technology. Anytime you have a gang of criminals involved in a project someone always works against the interest of the others and the whole thing falls apart.

Technology such as cell phone and surveillance camera tracking abilities greatly reduces the chances of criminals escaping police scrutiny.

These cases are always solved in the police interrogation rooms. Criminals can nearly always be counted on being foiled by their own words. They never learn to zip their mouths shut and ask for lawyers.

If the convicts in the prisons of the free world could somehow take back all the lies or confessions made in interrogation rooms the prisons would all be nearly empty.