Saturday, February 04, 2006

Racial Segregation in American Jails and Prisons.

The courts and do-gooders have spoken. All inmates are to be integrated regardless of what group becomes the minority. It makes no difference whether they are an oil and water mix of violent criminals that want to kill each other on the basis of race alone.

Such politically correct hogwash killed one inmate and sent 100 others to the hospital in a Los Angeles County Jail facility today. Is the feel good political correctness worth the loss of life? The financially strapped taxpayers are forced pay millions for the medical treatment over unnecessary injuries that result from the clashes between inmates. Then the inmates can be counted on to sue for millions more for being victimized.

I agree with very little of what the ultra-Liberal Sheriff Lee Baca supports. However I’m with him in his desire to allow for separate and equal segregation of his jail inmates to keep the peace while providing safer working conditions for his jailers. We can’t afford to do it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Jim Crow must go!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul I saw you on American Justice tonight on the Debbie Milke case!

Good work!

Anonymous said...

Lee Baca is a moron

John Mosby said...

Baca isn't segregating on the basis of race; he's segregating on the basis of known or suspected gang affiliation. The gangs happen to be race-based.

If the gangs were height-based, Baca would put a "you must be this tall to enter" stick on certain wings of his jail. If the gangs were age-based, he'd segregate by age. Etc.

Racial impact is allowed, as long as the intent is not discrimination for its own sake, and as long as there is no other way to meet a compelling state interest (in this case, safety).

A few high-profile shankings (of non-whites, of course), and the courts will reverse themselves.