Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman, A Tragic Life Indeed

Breaking News... As I just posted the story sad news came down that the 4'8" TV star had died.

Salt Lake City, UT
--Today, former child actor, Gary Coleman, 42 is in a coma and on life support after being injured in a fall. His health was already on the ropes after two kidney transplants and ongoing dialysis treatment. He’s suffering from a serious brain injury.

Coleman was a cute child star on the TV sitcom Different Strokes. He made money in the millions that his greedy parents wasted on a lavish lifestyle. When he reached adulthood the money all vanished.

The child stars of Coleman’s day were nearly all in trouble, using drugs and making horrible choices. Coleman somehow managed to avoid being involved in any drug scandals.

Coleman’s star faded as he grew older and settled for low paying commercial work and gigs that offered little. Coleman was rejected by Hollywood as if his talent for comedy was deemed dead. He wound up as a celebrity security guard for a while. Who could take this little guy seriously as someone that could protect anyone or anything?

Coleman was nearly always broke and victimized by women who only dated him for his fame and potential for fortune. Coleman’s sex appeal was that of a toad. I suspect it was impossible for him to tell friends for those exploiting him.

Coleman’s relationships were disasters that often involved police intervention. American courts have shifted away from fairness and due process to some kind of prophylactic role in domestic matters. Coleman was on the receiving end of scorn and bad publicity. Many people have been convinced Coleman’s a drug abusing troll that beats women despite any real evidence. Public perception can be awful.

I don’t think anyone really believes this young man will be on this earth much longer. Who ever told that lie, that all men were created equal?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the little feller will finally have found some peace.......I can't imagine his life was easy.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the actual height is for a midget? Just curious.

chicago jedi said...

this brief outline of Gary's life does not do him any justice. Gary has been through a lot in a short time. He has endured several setbacks most of which were not of his doing and beyond his control. We like to generalize people and magnify their mistakes when we really do not know who they are. Gary is just one example of how the system can paint you in a corner and never allow you to get out. I have great empathy for the Gary Coleman's of the world and try to understand the causes for their demise. I see more and more there is less and less respect for the dead or for the living for that matter.