Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Intimate Look into Ghetto Think

Chicago, IL—Young Chicago police Officer Thomas Wortham, IV had just returned from duty in Iraq. The lad had bought a new motorcycle and was visiting his parents. Four dangerous Ghetto Rats with guns tried to rob the young cop.

God given fear and the instinct to survive caused Wortham and his retired policemen father to fight for their lives during the armed ambush. In the process one rat, Brian Floyd, 20 was killed and another rodent was wounded. Thomas Wortham, IV was savagely murdered during this senseless crime.

In the Ghetto, life is cheap and the thought process of the inhabitants is incredibly defective. The African-American concept of right and wrong is bizarre to say the least. Is there something flawed within their genes? Did God somehow shortchange an entire race denying them compassion, humanity or simple decency?

Floyd died during the commission of the robbery and murder of Wortham. The woman who spawned the now dead predatory murderer spoke out. Floyd’s mother Lucille Floyd is obviously a fan of Richard M. Daley’s gun control that only disarms law-abiding people.

She really thinks it was somehow unfair or wrong for her son to have been killed during the savage and vicious crime he was committing. She thinks that these deaths have little importance and everyone should simply move on. Her complaint is that the armed victims fighting back were too accurate with their guns.

It’s alarming that people like Lucille are having children. It’s frightening that we allow these dangerous creatures to roam our streets. Taxpayers pay for the food, shelter and medical care for these ghetto rats. Where in our Constitution does the duty to do this fall on taxpayers? Our welfare system has turned unwed motherhood into a thriving industry. The more babies they make the more taxpayer funds they receive.

The most telling portion of this woman’s remarks was that Brian Floyd and his fellow crime rats are fatherless.

Wortham’s father was at his side still protecting him in every way he could. Is that why Worthham, also an African-American became a contributing member of society?

Sit back and watch Lucille Floyd reveal Ghetto Think:


Phil in Ohio said...

If I have to pull my firearm to defend myself or others, there is no shoot to wound. Why , so the perp can sue you ? I wouldnt shoot at a rabid dog just to wound it. It is a shame that a war hero fights for his country only to come home to be killed by those he was protecting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lucille,I know my true mission.I will not give quarter to any ghetto rat trying to cause me or my family harm.

Yes,I will put a round through a 20 year olds head without hesitation or anyone else for that matter.

Teechur said...

Another sterling example of the ignorant thinking that forms the Daley/Obama/Democratic voting base.

Rita Man said...

"Wortham’s father was at his son’s side ...Is that why Worthham,...became a contributing member of society?"

Wortham also had the benefit of a Catholic education at Brother Rice High School, which produces a large muber of soldiers, cops and firemen in addition to upstanding men of all occupations, all of whom are raised by their families and by the school to act "manfully in Christ Jesus".

Anonymous said...

This ghetto rat obviously doesn't know the meaning of "in cold blood". Her piece of shit son wasn't shot in cold blood, he was shot during the commission of a forcible felony and the victims father should receive a medal for ridding society of another predatory leech.

Anonymous said...

Difference between ni**ers and black people. The black people are people who happen to have a dark skin tone.

Anonymous said...

Paul, You had the balls to say it for al of us life loving folks out here - thank you! Crap like that mother who gave birth to that son of hers who was killed while robing and killing a good mothers son who had fought for his Country shows us what a disgrace SHE is for having opened her legs and let a bum screw her so she could bring a murderer into this world. The ghetto is loaded with them type of mothers - why even Rev. Sharpton has fathered a few of them shit heads. Lets see if Rev Sharpton can get some money out of the city for this bums death! God forgives except for Sharpton and his nonsense. He's convicted felon himself out there shaking down good people. Way to go Paul. Lets reload man.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment by her that she is raising him alone without his daddy around. Does she even know who the daddy is. When you are fucking high all your life and just spread your legs for anyone, that could be hard to figure you the daddy is. She should have just given this thugs daddy a blowjob and spit the little fucking animal out on the floor. I swear people like this should have their uterus removed before they reach the age of puberty. Spay and nueter these fucking animals. Make it mandatory just like for dogs and cats.

Anonymous said...

Spread this far and wide, into every bleeding heart apologists living room. Let them hear how it really is in the ghetto entitlement incubators.

Josh said...

Too bad a productive member of society died taking out the trash. Its also sad that only 1 of them animals died in the process.

If Lucille don't like that her son was killed, maybe she should have raised him right, and not let him hang out with the wrong crowd. He is dead in part because of her bad parenting.

She lives in a world where everything is provided for her by productive members of society. The least she and her illegitimate children can do is not kill the people who make their existence possible, the productive members of society.

I am all for giving someone a hand up when they need it, thats what makes this country great. But when we are supporting whole communities for years IT HAS TO STOP. All public assistance should be limited to 1 year, after that you had your chance to better yourself and didn't take it sink or swim but do it on your own. And if anyone in your house is convicted of a felony you immediately and permanently lose ALL assistance.

Anonymous said...

Over 25 years on the street and shit like this convinces me it is time for the race war to begin. Let's get it over with and go back to the great country we were before the Democrats of the 20th century ruined this great country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where is is Jessie Jackson?

Where is James Meeks?

Where is Al Sharpton?

etc etc etc.

Where is the picketing and rally for the Wortham's loss?

They are all worthless race baiters and fair weather friends. That is why I left the city and live as far west and north as possible.

I hate this State, the County of Cook and the city of Chicago. As soon as I retire i am out of here.

I propose that all citizens on public aid have to pass a mandatory drug test or lose benefits.

If i have to to keep a job, they have to to keep that check on the 1st.

P/O O'Connor said...

Is this woman insane? These so called "kids" were trying to jack a off duty police officer and steal his property. The father of this officer a retired P/O should be commended! To watch your son die and go through what he's going through.....ENOUGH!! They all got what they deserve!

mrcjr440 said...

Who shot and killed officer Wortham? This THUGS mother has alot of nerve and ignorance to say Mr.Wortham should have not shot her thug son!He was protecting his son,who was being killed by her son!It's never the criminals fault. Blame it on someone else it's easy to do so! Hey all you THUG mothers out there raise your kids to be accountable for their actions!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Obama will have Lucille to the White House for a beer in the Rose Garden.

Anonymous said...

Stupid crack whore! She is the main reason why her POS son is now a dead POS son. Too bad the other 3 POS weren't terminated.

Anonymous said...

It's awful what happened and in the END there are no excuses. It's not about race, politics or politicians - it's about human decency which has no COLOR! Everyday someone is beaten, robbed or murdered and there is absoutley NO justification for any of it.

My prayers go out to the family for not only having to witness the death of their son but to take a life as well. Many of us could only imagine what it would feel like but on that day they I'm sure the Wortham's would have never imagined this would take place.

Gray Ryder said...

It is a terrible thing for a parent to loose a child in any situation. However, the father of the slain, "murdered" son, did exactly what any father would do. The two Ghetto Rats received just what they deserved. At no time would any father, mother, brother or dedicated friend take time to do nothing but shoot to kill. When any individual decides that they are free to take or harm another just for a prank they must be prepared to pay the price.

I am as sure as the father, that came to his son's aid, to go for a double tap, mass shot. If you just wound an aggressor you can bet the farm you are going to face civil action. Then again, (IF ?), the aggressor serves time , you can wager, what is left of the farm, that you had better start looking over your shoulder everytime you hear a strange sound.
In situations such as this, there are no winners. There only survivors and/or victims. Also, bear in mind that it is far better to be judged by 12 of your peers, than carried by 6 of your family members and/or devoted friends. Gray Ryder

trooperdude said...

momma is saying just let it be and move on..
it is a good thing the worthams were "black" victims,
if they had been white, in the same situation, the same thing would have happened with one exception.
there would be riots in the streets because a white cop shot a poor black kid.
there would be no "lets just move on"
the problem with racisim and violence against the black community is not because of the white community,
check the stats from the fbi.
the majority of crime against black is from black,( for that matter, the majority of crime against whites is from black)
the only difference there is when it is black on black, there is not much said, white finally fights back and it goes to the top story all across the country

being a 20 year vet of law enforcement, we have an average of 5 qualification shoots per year after the inital 2 weeks of 8 hours per day to get the first qualification completed.

at no time has there ever been a class on shoot them in the leg to make them stop.

if you are being shot at, it is two to the body and one to the head

they bought a ticket to the dance, and picked the wrong partner

Anonymous said...

I hate state the obvious, But this woman is the epitome of ignorance. She and her fellow slum dwellers are every bit responsible for her twenty year old son being killed. They too concerned with the money they get for having these kids than they are in raising them to be respectful to their fellow human beings. It is obvious that the school of hard knocks should be shut down for good. It is clearly not working.

Unknown said...

This is why laws of the United States need to change. Parents of poverty need to be held accountable for their childrens actions, take away government aid (that we the tax payers getting robbed, mugged, killed and or raped pay whether we like it or not), if their child breaks the law take away funds for housing, break another law and take away the food stamps and so on, eventually the Mother will kill the little s__t herself.
I am a law abiding born and raised United States resident and also have earned the right to carry a handgun to protect my family and myself from harms way, if I am confronted by 1, 2 or 20 people and my life is at stake you better believe me when I say "one of those perps will receive a round in the kill zone", no butt shot or leg wound guaranteed!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

We have a police state where the inmates run the asylum. We have many more laws than we need. Our courts need to enforce the laws we have and they won’t.

You cannot hot parents responsible for their children’s crimes. You can however lock the juveniles up.

We have created a society where we pay the poor to breed by rewarding them for each child with more entitlements. The kicker is they get more if there’s no daddy.

Anonymous said...

" A 20 year old child .... " W.T.F. Typical nigga attitude. "Shoot himin the leg, in the back ... " This isn't a movie or cartoon, those officers shot your ghetto ass welfare son to stop him from any more violence. From what I've heard from officers, it's basically impossible to "shoot them in the leg, arm, hand" when you're in fear of your OWN life when your piece of S*HT ghetto ass welfare bastard son is trying to rob you with a gun !!! Do us all a favor, especially yourself, don't speak publicly and show your ignorance !