Saturday, May 01, 2010

Violent Resistance To Obama’s Socialist Revolution Is Pure Patriotism

Ann Arbor, MI—Barack Obama slammed his critics here during a speech today suggesting that their tough talk incites violence and closes the door to compromise. Obama must live in Fantasyland, because when it comes to hard won liberty and freedom there is no compromise.

Obama is a total Marxist that follows, emulates and force feeds America his anti-Constitution and anti-American agenda. Everything Obama has done comes from Karl Marx and the Socialist agenda for a one world Socialist government.

Americans have every right in using whatever means necessary including deadly violence to protect and defend liberty. If Obama and his minions don’t like that reality and challenges Americans through a Socialist revolution he and his followers do so at their peril.

Yes, Americans have the right to end the reign of a despot outside of the election process if that becomes necessary. Adolph Hitler had the support of a majority of Germany, was it then somehow morally wrong for people to try and kill him?

There were 5000 German resisters arrested, tried in sham courts and murdered by the Third Reich. Today the National Socialist resistance members are recognized as genuine patriots for plotting violence against a popular dictator.

Obama does not come close to enjoying the popularity Hitler had. Hitler had the new media of radio as did Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. That was an unstoppable one sided propaganda tool that brainwashed the people in those respective countries.

No politician will ever be able to control the information again in our world.

Obama has crossed the edge several times since taking office. Perhaps if he does not like the rhetoric out there he needs to be more respectful of the oath he took or face unthinkable consequences. There are patriots willing to do what’s necessary to protect the Constitution and the American way of life. Some of them are Secret Service agents.

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