Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rare Day In Chicago, 85 year old home owner kills home invasion suspect!

Chicago, IL—An unidentified East Garfield Park elderly couple were awakened by an armed yet to be unidentified home invader at 5:20 A.M..

The 85 year-old unidentified male homeowner, apparently dared possess a handgun banned in the Windy City for 30 years. That gun of his became a lifesaver as he was able to stop the crime by killing the violent offender in what appears to be a Justifiable Homicide.

The Chicago police news affairs section had nothing to say beyond that the shooting was under investigation and arrests have not been made. They plan to provide an update sometime this evening.

The timing of this shooting coincides with the United States Supreme Court’s expected decision on the controversial gun ban. Legal experts have predicted that McDonald vs. City of Chicago would strike down the gun ban before the court’s summer recess in June.

Critics like Crimefile News have long ridiculed the law as un-Constitutional and ineffective. The law only impacts the law-abiding citizens of Chicago.

Chicago police superintendent Jody “J-Fled” Weis recently said the police are powerless and cannot control crime that happens inside homes. Apparently this is just another “inside Crime” where the public is on their own.

The big question’s here are, will they arrest the old couple and hold a Show Trial so other Chicagoans that crime victims that fight back can expect punishment along with a criminal record.

Update: The Victim’s age is now confirmed now at 80. He turned 80 last April.

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