Monday, May 24, 2010

Everyday We’re closer to a Second Civil War

Washington, DC—Barack Obama is slipping in the polls, his candidates are dropping like flies and they have no choice but to grab power much sooner than November. This bunch will never just quietly go away.

It’s the United States Constitution vs. Socialism. Neither form of government is compatible with the other. With over 50 percent of Americans collecting entitlements the taxpaying minority are slaves to the majority. Many entitlement addicted inhabitants of this continent want to replace our form of government with Socialism. The results would be a non-productive and desperately poor America.

Obama and his minions have been planning their Coup De’Tat in secret waiting for the right move. Ideally it would be with the support of the voters although it takes more than a majority to change the constitution. Obama is close to his simple majority goal, but not close enough.

Obama’s shadow government, loaded with Communist and Socialist Czars has not been sitting idle. These people answer to nobody but Obama.

Obama knows he will have difficulty motivating the military and law enforcement against the people. Obama knows he can count on troops from China, and other Communist nations to try and take control of Americans resisting the revolution. It would be the nastiest holocaust the world has ever known.

Adolph Hitler bought loyalty from his military leadership with vast gifts of money, land, and businesses seized in the name of National Socialism. Obama’s cabal would certainly use anything that would work.

Obama is poised to shut down the Internet, declare martial law and suspend the Constitution using the precedent set by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago. He will say it’s necessary for public safety and the good of the country.

Anyone who thinks this is too far-fetched is a fool. Optimism kills millions that expected tyrannical governments to quickly pass.

Americans must be ready, well trained, armed and have a plan for resistance. Inner city thugs will be fighting for Obama but thankfully they are so undisciplined and don’t possess minimal skills for the firearms they have or will get. Most trained American military veterans would make short work of street gangs and such.

Obama’s minions have been calling peaceful resistance to their agenda racism and even anti-government Sedition.

The timetable demands that if they are going to do this they better move quickly. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Obama has been laying low from the media. Obama also knows that his citizenship and birth status can’t be kept under wraps much longer.


Anonymous said...

Keep stock piling ammo.You will need it.

Teresa said...

We must fight back against the commies!

Ed Skinner said...

Send Obama to Arizona. We'll check his papers!

Unknown said...

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government. So let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legal version of the first."

Thomas Jefferson