Sunday, May 09, 2010

Obama Knows The Information Age And Its Gadgets Undermine His Marxist Plans

Hampton, VA-- Hampton University was the site of a Commencement address by Barack Obama.

Obama went on the attack of modern devices such as the IPad and XBox that deliver non-stop information. Obama claimed they were a diversion that places new strains on democracy. He went on to suggest his own critic's messages somehow are void of truth. Obama’s own truth can be measured in his 100% rate of failure to live up to campaign promises he made starting with transparency.

What Obama really meant is the great strains are on him and his Marxist agenda for a one world Socialist government from which there’d be no escape. Information and education had long been a foe of every Socialist. In order for Socialism to take hold a country needs a majority of people desperately needy and ignorant. Then the Socialists keep them that way.

Obama and his minions would shut down and silence his critics like Crimefile News if they could get away with that un-Constitutional move. In any Socialist country criticizing the leaders or the form of government carries the most draconian penalties. There are many of millions who dared to speak out that were murdered by Socialists. The truth, free speech and Marxism can’t co-exist.

The day that America stops zealously protecting free speech is the day we will all be Marxist slaves. Right now free speech is not very popular with the Whitehouse. A war by Obama against free speech should result in a war against Obama.

Barack Obama is the real threat to democracy and our Constitution. Barack Obama is just another despot Marxist that needs to be arrested, tried for treason, convicted and hanged.


Amusing Bunni said...

Amen to that, great Post!

Anonymous said...

The Internet and its support devices have really backfired on the progressives/socialist/marxist types.

Nolonger can they control the flow of info.

Anonymous said...

I was in the library the other day Paul and quite by accident I overheard two women in their 30's having a conversation about politics. I won't go into the details of the conversation except that I heard an lot and what I heard was not out of context; but one woman said to the other, "I really wouldn't mind a dictatorship government. Then he [Obama she was refering to] could put a silence to those against him. "

Wow! I could not believe what I had heard. Two soccer moms agreeing that they wouldn't mind tyranny. My personal opinion was that they had no idea what they were talking about yet wanted.

Our generation, this generation, has ridden on the gravy train of what our grandparents fought like hell to not only have but keep. And when they experience little glitches in their paradise (which is what America is compared to much of the world), these nitwits want to completely change it. Want to "try" socialism/Marxism/Communism and to see how it fits. Like a shoe and if they don't like it, return it and just jump right back to their old life.

I'm amazed at the ignorance Paul.

Anonymous said...

it is amazing to see and hear so many people who simply do not know just how good they have it here in the U.S. those same people who complain about it and want it "changed" so much wouldn't last a week in a 3rd World Dictatorship or Communist Country.