Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago Parolee Identified As Dead Home Invader

UPDATE: 27 May 2010 No charges against elderly man who killed home invader
Chicago police News affairs says there will be no charges against the 80-year-old man who shot and killed a burglar who had broken into his West Side home.

Police questioned the homeowner for several hours after the early Wednesday morning shooting but released him without comment.

Family members and neighbors said the man was a Korean War veteran and his 83-year-old wife is a retired nurse. They said the couple have been married about 60 years and have lived in the same house on the 600 block of N. Sawyer Ave. for 40 years.

The man, his wife, and their 12-year-old great-grandson were all unharmed.

Chicago, IL
—An 80 year-old Korean war veteran defended his elderly wife and 12 year-old grandson from a career criminal this morning that had invaded their home. The robber fired a shot at the victim who returned fire killing him.

The dead man was wearing a mask, and had socks over his hands to prevent leaving any fingerprints at the crime scene. He was armed with a .38 revolver.

The dead man is 29 year-old Anthony Nelson. Nelson was released from the Illinois department of corrections last December. He has an extensive rap sheet for drug and weapons violations.

Thankfully the elderly victim chose to ignore Chicago’s draconian gun ban and was able to protect himself and his family.

This justifiable shooting comes just as the Chicago Gun Ban’s legitimacy is being examined by the United States Supreme Court in the McDonald case. The ruling is expected to be handed down before the court’s summer recess in June. Legal experts seem to agree that the prohibition violates the constitution and will be struck down.

Mayor Richard M. Daley is unreasoably emotionally tied to the gun ban that only protects the likes of career criminals like Anthony nelson. The law has no impact on violent crime other than to enable it assuring criminals their victims have no ability to resist.

Barack Obama shares Daley’s hatred for gun rights and has voted against them in the Illinois legislature and the United States Senate. In an amazing paradox the Chicago Sun Times reported that the elderly victim was wearing a t-shirt with Obama Name and likeness on it.

Perhaps that information will find its way to the Whitehouse, where Obama can recognize that law abiding African-Americans disarmed by the gun ban are being slaughtered by vicious criminals every day. I doubt that our gun rights hating Socialist president cares.


Anonymous said...

Hearing this made my day.

Will they dare prosecute this brave old guy?

Anonymous said...

Holy Gran Torino!!

Anonymous said...

To all the law abiding citizens reading this. Paul has said this before and I will say the same thing as a CPD officer for over 25years. If this ever happens to you DO NOT and I mean DO NOT talk to the police. Let them take you in and demand your right to a lawyer. Never give a statement as a civilian to the Police without a lawyer present. For that matter as a cop I learned never to talk to the bosses without representation. Having worked for this shit City and this shit Department I can tell you that you will get some suck ass clout jag off who will listen to the bosses and try to charge you criminally just because he wants to keep his "spot" and is a suck ass. DO NOT under any circumstances give a statement until you have a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

thank God for our 2nd amendment...

Guav said...

So you're saying, when the police show up and ask what happened, say nothing? I feel like that would be extremely difficult.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Most humans go into shock and utter confusion after traumatic events such as shootings. They start endlessly blabbing like magpies. They are desperate to unload their feelings on anyone who will listen. Yes, this is an incredibly vulnerable time for anyone.

The cops will appear friendly and understanding as you incriminate yourself right into a prison cell.

You have an absolute right to remain silent no matter if you've been read your rights or not.

Statements like, had to, I was in fear of my life are damning admissions to having used force.

"Officer I'd like to help you anyway I can and will as soon as I have a lawyer by my side."

Keep your trap shut until that happens. Then no lawyer in his right mind will allow you to say anything at all.

The only place you should answer questions is in a courtroom with your lawyer's advice.

If you follow this rule you will be able to avoid arrest, prosecution or and adverse actions. Prisons are full of people that thought they could talk their way out of an arrest.

Can you understand STFU? Stuff a sock in your big mouth if you have to.

Guav said...

What if you don't have a lawyer though? For example, if this happened to me tonight, I have no lawyer—the only lawyer I ever hired was a real estate lawyer—and I wouldn't have the first idea where or how to get one.

I don't doubt that the advice you're giving is wise and the smartest approach, it just seems to me like it would be much harder to put into practice if the situation actually occurred.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Most people don’t have a criminal lawyer so simply tell the cops you need to find retain and talk to one first. That’s reasonable. Lawyers are expensive and if you don’t have the cash simply tell the cops you will have to wait until a judge appoints a public defender for you. You’re not a magician that can snap your fingers and make a lawyer suddenly appear.

Tell the cops they will just have to be patient. What’s the big rush anyway? If they arrest you the court will make sure you have a lawyer as soon as they see you. Cops can’t appoint lawyers. They know the drill. They just want to use every trick to pry anything they can out of you.

Unfortunately there are some cops that will take the words you tell them and add their own spin. Again STFU! This would be a great time to get lockjaw.

Think about it for a second, don't you have enough self-control to shut your mouth.

If they put you in a cell your mouth should be shut tighter than that cell door.

very soon often within hours you will be in front of a judge who will advise you of your right to shut up and he or she will make sure you get a lawyer.

Don't have any conversations in jails or lock-up with fellow prisoners. they will get a get out of jail free card if they canconvince anyone you condesed to them.

After all this instruction if you still can't keep your yap shut you deserve free room and board for years. your're too stupid to live.

Anonymous said...

Sure Oboma is against citizens having guns! He wants ONLY his people armed with guns to rob and kill your white ass! Daley has bodyguards so why the hell does he need a gun? The hell with the rest of us they say! I say screw them at the ballot box!

Guav said...

Sorry if these seem like stupid questions to you, but I've never faced arrest before, and certainly not for shooting anyone (there were no police involved in my only serious self-defense situation)—it never occurred to me that when the police show up and there's a dead burglar on my floor, that I would have the option of not telling them. Like I said, what you're saying makes sense, it just never occurred to me.

Also, for what reason has the first comment I left not been let through moderation?

Anonymous said...

I will miss Tony. He was always fair in his sales of the H and always had good stuff. He meant no harm. Cracker man is causing all of this!!

Anonymous said...

Guav said...
So you're saying, when the police show up and ask what happened, say nothing? I feel like that would be extremely difficult.

May 26, 2010 6:29 PM

Its not really.Dont fall for the usual mind tricks they teach officers in Reid and Wicklander/Zaluski.Do not say anything.

"you have the right to remain silent"PAY ATTENTION.

griz said...

Why is it that whenever a criminal is killed while committing a crime, the family and friends always claim that he/she "was turning their life around"?!?!

There is no point in preventing law abiding citizens from owning guns. The alleged perp. was already prohibited from owning a gun on the basis of being a convicted felon.

As an aside, there's a couple of videos (with a law professor AND a cop!) "Don't Talk To Cops" on YouTube which explains why, innocent or not, you should never talk to the police.

Ed Skinner said...

I'm glad they're not gonna prosecute him but I'll be truly astonished if he ever gets his gun back.