Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spector Retrial And Those Past Bad Acts As “Evidence”

Los Angeles, CA—Legendary records producer, Phil Spector faces a fall re-trial for an allegation of Murder in connection with the death of the troubled and drug-addicted Lana Clarkson. The first trial ended in a hung jury.

California has a law that acts as a trial crutch for prosecutors who can’t win a case on real evidence. Section 1101(b) allows the use alleged prior bad acts even in the absence of a civil or criminal court finding of guilty or awarding of civil damages.

The idea behind 1101(b) is to prejudice juries with unrelated and unproven allegations so that scorn and emotion will convict when real evidence is insufficient.

Spector has had run-ins with old girlfriends who claim today Spector threatened them with guns. Most of the accusers continued to sleep with and or work for Spector after those claimed assaults.

This evidence cuts both ways for Spector. Not one of these accusers have ever suffered injuries or death. This is solid evidence that Spector would not have harmed Lana Clarkson. There was absolutely no evidence of discord between Clarkson and Spector. Evidence of Clarkson’s false eyelashes placed neatly on a sink along with DNA evidence shows that they had consensual sexual activity.

The gun that ended Clarkson’s life was found at her feet. Clarkson was well under the influence of abused drugs and alcohol. Reasonable doubt is overwhelming here since Spector had no blood spray on either sleeve of his white dinner jacket.

Some armchair investigators and gossipmongers suggest that Spector’s fingerprints were wiped off the gun. The truth is that it’s a very rare day when usable are lifted from handguns, especially small handguns like the old model Colt Cobra .38 Special. It’s not as screenwriters have led us to believe in thousands of TV shows and films. When a gun is discharged the recoil causes smearing of any possible latent images.

I see the retrial of Phil Spector as nothing more than a huge waste of time and money.


Anonymous said...

The medical examiner Dr. Pena testified that there were no signs of a struggle. Nothing was knocked over, nothing broken etc. I believe the LA Sheriff's department fingerprint person testified that obtaining prints off a shiny object only occurs about 10% of the time. The white dinner jacket is NOT saturated in blood as the prosecutors would have you believe by listening to them rant and rave over it. Rather the stains are so small, you can barely see them. What is happening to Phillip Spector is a travesty. His rights are our rights.

Anonymous said...


Interesting take on the Spector case. I have never heard anyone from MSM present the facts as you did. In your opinion, does MSM generally favor the prosecution?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I’d like to hope that the main stream media only favors fair trials.

In criminal justice matters I am always on the side of The Bill of Rights, and fairness. Criminal trials are not football games.