Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Brings Youth, Beauty and Excitement to this Dull Presidential Race

Dayton, OH--My expectations were not very high for McCain’s choice of a running mate. I fully expected a boring, pretend Republican, white-bread male to be named for the number two spot.

McCain got the message that his liberalism was a liability and looked for and found someone with the right stuff, Alska's govenor Sarah Palin.

Palin has a strong history of supporting gun rights, fiscal conservatism and the right to life. She sounds too over-qualified to be one of today’s Republicans.

Palin has never been corrupted inside the Congeressional cesspool and brings no baggage with her.

She clearly understands the challanges and needs of today's middle class American families.

Palin’s own son along with John McCain’s are in harm’s way defending and protecting in our nation’s military. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have zero investment in our armed forces.

The Republican ticket just got a giant shot of Geritol. For you younger folks, Geritol was a special medicinal tonic that promised our parents they could stay young and attractive. I don’t think that product really delivered but Sarah Palin seems to be the right medicine for this presidential ticket.

One thing I noticed and liked about Palin was she came out in a skirt instead of the usual Democratic dykewear pants suit.

Now I support the Republican Presidential ticket.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on your take on McCain's selection of VP. Palin brings a whole new perspective to the Republican Party, and with it most likely a slew of young female voters who may have otherwise fallen under the spell of Obamamania. It also didn't take long for a new website to spring up because of this news. Check out:
(vice pres I'd like to f###)

Too Many Rectums said...

Republicans hit the grand slam with this pick! Listen to her talk! She talks common sense!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited, she's all woman, alas, with the way things are going she's probably the freakin antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden's son is being deployed to Iraq October 3.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are still throwing your votes away to an unelectable candidate, which means you're giving your vote to Barak (a liar and a supporter of terrorism.) Governor Sarah Palin is now the VP for the republican ticket.

While her experience may be less than other choices. She is still more experienced than Barak. SHE has executive experience, HE does not. SHE is pro-life, pro gun, and a fiscal conservative. She also has a record of going against unethical republicans, including suing the federal Gov. She's for Drilling here now. So she even goes against the hypocrisy within her own GOP.

Not that this is real important, but she's an attractive woman that actually still wears a skirt. Good job God..
The Palin perspective
Palin on Glenn Becks Show Suing the federal Government

Ed Skinner said...

100%, Paul. McCain has hit a homer with Sarah Palin. She is living the values I admire.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has my vote.

NRA Member.